30 March 2017

Missouri House Passes Bill to Overturn St. Louis 'Abortion Sanctuary' Ordinance

I often feel very blessed to live in Missouri-- a state with some semblance of decent government, (relative) freedom, natural beauty, decent people, and common sense. This week the state legislature reinforced that feeling.

The Missouri legislature, with GOP and pro-life supermajorities in both houses, is set to undue some of the mischief of my beloved-but-ruled-by-baby-killers city.

Pray for the enactment of this legislation (HB 174), and make your views known to your state senators and the governor.  I'll post updates when I can.

24 March 2017

Feast of St. Gabriel the Archangel

Angel of strength, friend of mankind! continue thy ministry of aiding us. We are surrounded by terrible enemies: our weakness makes them bold; come to our assistance, procure us courage. Pray for us during these days of conversion and penance. Obtain for us the knowledge of all we owe to God in consequence of that ineffable mystery of the Incarnation, of which thou wast the first witness. We have forgotten our duties to the Man-God, and we have offended Him: enlighten us, that so, henceforth, we may be faithful to His teachings and examples. Raise up our thoughts to the happy abode where thou dwellest; assist us to merit the places left vacant by the fallen angels, for God has reserved them for His elect among men.

Pray, O Gabriel, for the Church militant, and defend her against the attacks of hell. The times are evil; the spirits of malice are let loose, nor can we make stand against them, unless with God's help. It is by His holy angels that He gives victory to His bride. Be thou, O strength of God! foremost in the ranks. Drive heresy back, keep schism down, foil the false wisdom of men, frustrate the policy of the world, arouse the well-minded from apathy; that thus the Christ whom thou didst announce may reign over the earth He has redeemed, and that we may sing together with thee and the whole angelic choir: 'Glory be to God, peace to men!'

--Dom Prosper Gueranger, The Liturgical Year

23 March 2017

We Need More Clarity for Parody

See what I did there? Huh? Heh.

Anyway, I love the Eye of the Tiber blog. So do you. Parody and satire are fun. They teach us to laugh and keep good cheer as the world burns.

But when it comes to covering Pope Francis, parody becomes tough. You see, stories like this are hard to figure out if they are real or not:

Little Girl Who Attempted to Steal Pope's "Hat" Arraigned on Felony Charges

Apparently, this is satire, and not at all true.  Whew!  

I almost forgot that nothing like that could ever happen.

21 March 2017

Feast of St. Benedict

One of the patrons of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. A plenary indulgence may be gained by assisting at Mass at any Institute apostolate.  The Oratory has Mass this evening at 6:30 pm in case you missed the morning Mass.

Who couldn't use a plenary indulgence in the 100th Anniversary of Fatima year?

St. Benedict, the founder of Western monasticism and as a result, the civilization of the West that resulted in Christendom and beyond.  We certainly need his intercession in this time of the death of that civilization.  He shepherded the faithful through one civilizational collapse-- why not two?

Blessed Feast Day to all readers!

20 March 2017

Still Kicking

Sorry for the absolute dearth of posts.  I have not given up blogging for Lent. I am not dumbfounded by the Vatican.

I am just as busy as I can be at work.  Busier than I have been in years.  Lots of work stemming from the new administration, and lots of tight deadlines with lots at stake.  Thanks for checking back here when you do.  I can see blogging picking up in about 10 days or so. And I will try to post before then if I can.

I really feel badly for not posting the interview Mother Miriam was kind enough to give me, but I have been so slammed as to not be able to finish transcribing it.  I will get that up still.

Thanks. Sorry.  Blessed Lent. See you soon...

15 March 2017

Strange to Say, but Important Advice for My Children...

...and any other person who complains about Bob Dylan and/or the volume of same while I'm driving.

Attention statists: I am certainly joking. No need to report.

02 March 2017

In Memoriam

Today is the third anniversary of my father's death. If you will, of your charity, say a prayer for his soul, I would be grateful.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Amen.

May the soul of James, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

01 March 2017

Blessed Ash Wednesday

Just a quick post to wish you all a blessed Lent; may all your resolutions lead to greater holiness.  I apologize to those waiting for me to post my interview with Mother Miram, OSB. I am in the process of transcribing it and will get it posted soon. 

The President, God bless him, is keeping me extremely busy at work these days, and deadlines are many and severe. As you know, our first duty is to live out our state of life.

Be back soon.  God bless. If you still haven't hit Mass today, the Oratory has one at 6:30pm.