28 July 2017

Until He Be Taken Out of the Way: Some Fatima Thoughts for Your Weekend

The first part of the title to this post comes from 2 Thessalonians 2:7. The passage refers to the progress of antichrist, hindered by the working of grace until such time as he who hinders antichrist be "taken out of the way."  

With this as a backdrop, I gladly refer readers to a piece by the great Christopher Ferrara at Fatima Perspectives, which ponders an Antonio Socci (of The Fourth Secret of Fatima fame) piece on aspects of the Benedict abdication.  Ferrara, as always logical and relentless, makes you think about unpleasant realities.  

Just few excerpts, but read the whole:

Alluding to the title of the book Attack on Ratzinger, written three years before Benedict’s “resignation,” Socci suggests that the attack on Benedict XVI, the “rejected rock” (of Peter), which culminated in his abdication, is part of “the final attack on the Catholic Church by the antichristian powers and ideologies of this world.”

Cacciari, Socci continues, calls the Church over which Benedict presided the Kathécon, a Greek word which appears in Saint Paul’s Second Letter to the Thessalonians, meaning the great sign of opposition to the advance of the Antichrist, which has the power to “put the brakes” on that advance. Cacciari maintains that Pope Benedict renounced the “ministry of the Bishop of Rome” because he was convinced that “he could no longer succeed in containing the powers of Antichrist within the Catholic Church. As Saint Augustine said, antichrists are in each of us. This is a key to the decision by Ratzinger, if we want to view it in all its seriousness. His decision is of one piece with the crisis of politics, of the power that brakes [the advance of Antichrist].”

Socci concludes that with Benedict’s renunciation, it would appear that “the Church as Kathécon, that is, as the power that arrests [the Antichrist’s advance], was totally dissolved. Giving the impression of being recruited as a draft horse for the chariot of the Antichrist’s power.”


[The post goes on to relate this extended quote-- ironically prophetic-- by Paul VI]:

“There is a great disturbance at this moment in the world and in the Church, and what is in question is the Faith. It happens now that I repeat to myself that obscure phrase of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke: ‘When the Son of Man returns, will he find any faith on the earth?’ Books are published in which the faith is in retreat on important points, and the episcopate remains silent, finding nothing strange in these works. Sometimes I reread the Gospel on the end times and I discern that in this moment there are emerging certain signs of this end. Are we near to the end? This we can never know. It is necessary to hold oneself ready, but everything could go on much longer.

“What strikes me, when I consider the Catholic world, is that within Catholicism there sometimes seems to predominate a kind of non-Catholic thought… and it could happen that tomorrow this non-Catholic thought… will be at its strongest. But this will never represent the thought of the Church. There must be a small flock, however small that flock will be.”

Pray for the Church and her pastors!

Keeping It Real

Frank Walker, the wonderful Canon212 news aggregator and blogger, has a post at his Stumbling Block blog addressing his thoughts about the Benedict/non/abdication/pope/anti-pope questions you may have considered yourself. You may or may not have read my opinion on this blog before (short version: I assume Francis is Pope, but then again he might not be; not enough info to definitively tell, so assumption holds)

His post is here. I think it nails it. 

Charlie Gard, RIP

Little Charlie Gard is dead, killed by the godless secular state in service of Moloch. Praise God that he was baptised, and assuming that baptism was properly done, he is enjoying the Beatific Vision, nevermore to suffer. May he pray for us who are left behind-- obviously for his parents who love him, but also for the coming victims of the powers of this world. They hate Christ, and therefore they hate us.

Pray for us, Charlie, and may your innocent soul beg God to forgive us all.  May his killers repent, for a terrible justice is the alternative.

And another angel came, and stood before the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given to him much incense, that he should offer of the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar, which is before the throne of God. And the smoke of the incense of the prayers of the saints ascended up before God from the hand of the angel. And the angel took the censer, and filled it with the fire of the altar, and cast it on the earth, and there were thunders and voices and lightnings, and a great earthquake…. 

And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth...

Apocalypse 8:3-5, 13a

The Doctrine or the Gun?

What are you tryin' to overpower me with, the doctrine or the gun?
My back is already to the wall, where can I run?
The tuxedo that you're wearin', the flower in your lapel,
Ooh, I can't stand it, I can't stand it,
You want to take me down to hell.

Dead man, dead man,
When will you rise?
Cobwebs in your mind,

Dust in your eyes.

--Bob Dylan, Dead Man, Dead Man

25 July 2017

Feast of St. James the Moorslayer

Brethren: I think that God hath set forth us apostles, the last, as it were men appointed to death. We are made a spectacle to the world and to angels and to men. We are fools for Christs sake, but you are wise in Christ: we are weak, but you are strong: you are honourable, but we without honour. Even unto this hour we both hunger and thirst and are naked and are buffeted and have no fixed abode. And we labour, working with our own hands. We are reviled: and we bless. We are persecuted: and we suffer it. We are blasphemed: and we entreat. We are made as the refuse of this world, the offscouring of all, even until now. I write not these things to confound you: but I admonish you as my dearest children. For if you have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet not many fathers. For in Christ Jesus, by the Gospel, I have begotten you.

Epistle, 1 Corinthians 4: 9-15

24 July 2017

Foot of Pride Comes Down: Charlie Gard's Parents Giving Up the Fight against Their Son's Murderers

Story at LifeSiteNews here. The story from the state media arm of the murdering nation is here.

They got some beautiful people out there, man
They can be a terror to your mind and show you how to hold your tongue
They got mystery written all over their forehead
They kill babies in the crib and say only the good die young

They don't believe in mercy
Judgment on them is something that you'll never see
They can exalt you up or bring you down main route
Turn you into anything that they want you to be

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

--Bob Dylan, Foot of Pride

Well, England, so proud of your traditions of law, human rights and government, yet who rejected the true faith: You killed the Catholic martyrs; you continue to kill the innocents among you. You killed a little baby whose cure would have not only cost you nothing, but would have saved a bit of money from your rationed and managed oh-so-humane system. Because you could. Because you wanted to.

I say, Islam can have you. Enjoy the ride.

19 July 2017

Fatima Indulgence Opportunity in Saint Louis

Visitors to the Old Cathedral downtown have three opportunities to procure a plenary indulgence in this Fatima anniversary year by venerating the statue therein of Our Lady of Fatima. 

Specifically, the indulgence is available for those of the faithful who visit with devotion a statue of Our Lady of Fatima solemnly exposed for public veneration in any church, oratory or proper place, such as the statue in the Old Cathedral, during the days of the anniversary of the apparitions, the 13th of each month from May to October (2017), and there devoutly participate in some celebration or prayer in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Those seeking an indulgence must also pray an Our Father, recite the Creed and invoke Our Lady of Fatima, as well as meet the usual conditions for a plenary indulgence: confession, Holy Communion, complete detachment from sin, and prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father.

Or, you could just go to the Fatima Shrine in Portugal and beg Mary to spare this guilty world. Either/or.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

18 July 2017

The Sodomite Cabal in the Vatican Must Be Obliterated and Scattered to the Winds

By whom, though? 

That's a good question, as there isn't a question of a lavender mafia inside the Vatican; the lavender mafia runs the Vatican. 

Without resorting to rash judgment on any particular person or prelate that yet remains unknown-- after all, thank God, we can't see what the all of regime's capos do in their private time-- we know there are many high-ranking prelates in the Vatican dicasteries and Curia that are stained with credible accusations of the sin of Sodom and other criminal offenses. Yet these are not punished by Francis. Nor are they removed from office. Far from it; they are favored by him.

The infiltration is so pervasive as to produce a systematic abandonment of the defense of Natural Law and unchanging, unchangeable Catholic teaching on sodomy. The effeminate indeed rule over us, just as God decreed as punishment for a disobedient Israel (Isaias 3:4). 

Francis, in his words, in his actions and inactions, sets the tone. His lieutenants, each swishier than the next, set out to undermine marriage, ruin the innocence of children, and discourage into silence or despair those few Catholics left who attempt to remain steadfast.

The Pope "Emeritus", whose abdication (effective or otherwise) ushered in this sodomite cabal, remains largely silent, while allowing himself to be trotted out by Francis like some North Vietnamese prisoner to proclaim the glorious reign of Ho Chi Minh once in a while. And yet, when last week he eeks out (we are told) a message on the death of Cardinal Meisner that, indeed, the barque of Peter appears to be on the verge of capsizing, it creates such a buzz! Things are so bad that this little crumb sends every faithful Catholic into a tizzy of gratitude. 

Are things so bad as that? Yes. 

Are we so timid as to not ever stand up for Christ? That remains to be seen.

A few weeks back, I posted a piece entitled "Captain Obvious to Four Random Cardinals", wherein I suggested it might be time to for the four dubia Cardinals to act. Well, now there are three dubia Cardinals. I don't want to tempt fate by calling Captain Obvious to address Three Random Cardinals. Our friends and allies are few enough.

Catholics were warned by Our Lord to expect persecution. Here it is. It will get worse. Stand strong. But, O Lord, IS THERE ANY BISHOP, CARDINAL, OR POPE WHO WILL LEAD?

The shepherd is struck and the sheep are scattered. 

How long, O Lord?

Isaias 3 is worth a read, both for the curse and for the promised punishment of evildoers it contains. As Benedict XVI reminded us, "The Lord wins in the end."

[1] For behold the sovereign the Lord of hosts shall take away from Jerusalem, and from Juda the valiant and the strong, the whole strength of bread, and the whole strength of water. [2] The strong man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the cunning man, and the ancient. [3] The captain over fifty, and the honourable in countenance, and the counsellor, and the architect, and the skillful in eloquent speech. [4] And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them. [5] And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

[6] For a man shall take hold or his brother, one of the house of his father, saying: Thou hast a garment, be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under thy hand. [7] In that day he shall answer, saying: I am no healer, and in my house there is no bread, nor clothing: make me not ruler of the people. [8] For Jerusalem is ruined, and Juda is fallen: because their tongue, and their devices are against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of his majesty. [9] The shew of their countenance hath answered them: and they have proclaimed abroad their sin as Sodom, and they have not hid it: woe to their souls, for evils are rendered to them. [10] Say to the just man that it is well, for he shall eat the fruit of his doings.

[11] Woe to the wicked unto evil: for the reward of his hands shall be given him. [12] As for my people, their oppressors have stripped them, and women have ruled over them. O my people, they that call thee blessed, the same deceive thee, and destroy the way of thy steps. [13] The Lord standeth up to judge, and he standeth to judge the people. [14] The Lord will enter into judgment with the ancients of his people, and its princes: for you have devoured the vineyard, and the spoil of the poor is in your house. [15] Why do you consume my people, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord the God of hosts.

[16] And the Lord said: Because the daughters of Sion are haughty, and have walked with stretched out necks, and wanton glances of their eyes, and made a noise as they walked with their feet and moved in a set pace: [17] The Lord will make bald the crown of the head of the daughters of Sion, and the Lord will discover their hair. [18] In that day the Lord will take away the ornaments of shoes, and little moons, [19] And chains and necklaces, and bracelets, and bonnets, [20] And bodkins, and ornaments of the legs, and tablets, and sweet balls, and earrings,

[21] And rings, and jewels hanging on the forehead, [22] And changes of apparel, and short cloaks, and fine linen, and crisping pins, [23] And looking-glasses, and lawns, and headbands, and fine veils. [24] And instead of a sweet smell there shall be stench, and instead of a girdle, a cord, and instead of curled hair, baldness, and instead of a stomacher, haircloth. [25] Thy fairest men also shall fall by the sword, and thy valiant ones in battle.

[26] And her gates shall lament and mourn, and she shall sit desolate on the ground.

17 July 2017

"Summa summarum, the man is at war with everything the West holds dear."

A "just for the record" post today. I submit the following internet tidbits, all shocking in one sense-- that they level very serious accusations against the occupant of the papal throne. Then again, they are perhaps more shocking in the fact that they are largely true. 

Hold fast to the faith; the Lord will not let the boat capsize, as someone somewhere (where have I seen him before....?) recently remarked. And submit to the Roman Pontiff in order to be saved, to the extent one can do so without sinning. I pray we will have clarity as to the identity and lawful pronouncments of the pope, but perhaps we are not permitted this clarity by God in our chastisement. Take heart from the fact that St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Catherine of Siena opposed each other in a question like this long ago, and both were raised to the altars.

Keep the faith; fulfill the duties of your state. Pray the rosary.

With that in mind, here is a bit of how bad it is:

From an interview with George Neumayr by Tom Woods: 

"Catholics will have to decide whether they guard the faith over papolatry.”

And: “The Cardinals have to declare that Francis is a bad pope who must be resisted.”

From the spicy Ann Barnhardt, who, despite problems of tone and certitude over the resignation question that I do not share, makes some very good and sobering points here: Letter from an Absentee Father to His Children

And, lastly, John Zmirak takes down the hench"men" of the Vatican:

Leading Jesuit Condemns Pro-Life Movement, Trump Voters and Conservatives

Happy Monday!

14 July 2017

I’ll remember you
When I’ve forgotten all the rest
You to me were true
You to me were the best
When there is no more
You cut to the core
Quicker than anyone I knew
When I’m all alone
In the great unknown
I’ll remember you

I’ll remember you
At the end of the trail
I had so much left to do
I had so little time to fail
There’s some people that
You don’t forget
Even though you’ve only seen ’m one time or two
When the roses fade
And I’m in the shade
I’ll remember you

Didn’t I, didn’t I try to love you?
Didn’t I, didn’t I try to care?
Didn’t I sleep, didn’t I weep beside you
With the rain blowing in your hair?

I’ll remember you
When the wind blows through the piney wood
It was you who came right through
It was you who understood
Though I’d never say
That I done it the way
That you’d have liked me to
In the end
My dear sweet friend
I’ll remember you

-- Bob Dylan, I'll Remember You

13 July 2017

In This Generation There Is No Room for the Cowardly

“I am a more than convinced Apostolic Roman Catholic, seeing that I have reached the true sense of Religion through the refining of  physical and moral suffering: I owe nothing to anyone, I have no honours nor prebends to defend, and I thank God for everything. Within the limits that the Church allows, I may dissent, I may talk, I may act: I have to talk and I have to act: it would be cowardice not to. And allow me say, that in our Home, also in this generation, there is no room for the cowardly.”

--Princess Elvina Pallavicini, 1977

“Today the most serious obligation for a Catholic is that of conserving the Faith. It is not licit to obey those who are working to diminish Her or make Her disappear. With Baptism we asked the Church for the Faith because the Faith conducts us to eternal life.  We will continue to our very last breath to ask the Church for this Faith.”

--Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, 1977

Two "money" quotes from a great repost at Rorate Caeli by Roberto de Mattei.

Francis to a Faithful Catholic: What's a Sweetheart Like You Doing in a Dump Like This?

There's no earthly way Bob could have predicted the Church under Bergoglio, but somehow he did. One needn't be a poet, genius or mystic to recognize certain allegories in this song. Pope Benedict, the Francis, Cardinal Coccopalmerio and his ilk, traddies, sell-outs, even Our Lord and Lady-- they're all here.  

The state of affairs in the Church today-- even worse than Bob's '80s hair and beard.

Sweetheart Like You

Well, the pressure’s down, the boss ain’t here
He gone North, he ain’t around
They say that vanity got the best of him
But he sure left here after sundown
By the way, that’s a cute hat
And that smile’s so hard to resist
But what’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a dump like this?

You know, I once knew a woman who looked like you
She wanted a whole man, not just a half
She used to call me sweet daddy when I was only a child
You kind of remind me of her when you laugh
In order to deal in this game, got to make the queen disappear
It’s done with a flick of the wrist
What’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a dump like this?

You know, a woman like you should be at home
That’s where you belong
Watching out for someone who loves you true
Who would never do you wrong
Just how much abuse will you be able to take?
Well, there’s no way to tell by that first kiss
What’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a dump like this?

You know you can make a name for yourself
You can hear them tires squeal
You can be known as the most beautiful woman
Who ever crawled across cut glass to make a deal
You know, news of you has come down the line
Even before ya came in the door
They say in your father’s house, there’s many mansions
Each one of them got a fireproof floor
Snap out of it, baby, people are jealous of you
They smile to your face, but behind your back they hiss
What’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a dump like this?

Got to be an important person to be in here, honey
Got to have done some evil deed
Got to have your own harem when you come in the door
Got to play your harp until your lips bleed
They say that patriotism is the last refuge
To which a scoundrel clings
Steal a little and they throw you in jail
Steal a lot and they make you king
There’s only one step down from here, baby
It’s called the land of permanent bliss

What’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a dump like this?

12 July 2017

To the Point

I had wanted to write about my irritation/amusement/head-shaking episode at the recent Orlando USCCB convocation, but in an aside within an article on a different subject, Fr. George Rutler states it better:

Over the July 4 weekend, a large conference of invited Catholic leaders was held in Orlando, Florida, organized as “an ongoing initiative of the Bishops’ Working Group on the Life and Dignity of the Human Person.” Undaunted by the failure of countless conferences and “renewal programs” over recent decades to accomplish their stated purpose, the organizers cannot be faulted for a lack of optimism in thinking that a new missionary zeal may be born from several days of speeches, seminars, “dialogues” and an occasional performance of soporific “Christian” elevator music. The tone was upbeat, and one does not want to squelch the Spirit, but the general tone was of human optimism rather than supernatural hope, and not altogether more reassuring than Captain Smith telling the passengers on the top deck of Titanic to ignore any pieces of ice.

11 July 2017

Charlie Gard Holds a Mirror to the West

John Zmirak and Jason Jones at The Stream offer this wonderfully insightful piece on the real life (and death) drama of Charlie Gard and the effort of the death merchants of the West to sell him out. Can't recommend this piece highly enough.

Will Charlie Gard Bring Down the European (Soviet) Union?

The plight of Charlie Gard and his parents is awakening consciences around the world. What could be more clear-cut than this case? Parents who love their baby have found the money to try a treatment that just might save him. But doctors, British courts, and the European Court of Human Rights (Ministry of Love, anyone?) are all colluding against them. Against a baby.

Why? That’s the staggering question. What do all these powerful people care if two parents try this treatment? Are they afraid that it won’t work? Not at all. They’re straining at the leash to shut off his food and water. To turn off his respirator. Are they scared it will cause him anguish? Zero evidence for that.

A “Life Unworthy of Life”

No, the British doctors, judges, and the European court are afraid that the treatment might work. That it might save a “life unworthy of life.” It might set a troubling precedent: that the handicapped have value. That life is sacred and suffering is redeemable. Even that something matters more than piling up happy moments before you die. This spectacle of people around the world contributing to help two loving parents care for their sick, crippled child, who willingly embrace the sacrifices entailed … It shames them. They find it repulsive. It reminds them of the Cross.

Western Europe has gone beyond rejecting the supernatural. It can barely contain its revulsion at nature and life itself. Few countries in Europe have enough births to replace the dying. Eurocrats have chosen to outsource the grubby work of reproduction to the Muslim world, in the form of “refugees.” What more comprehensive way on earth could there be for them to reject their ancestors? To salt the earth against descendants? No treason could be more profound and perfect than to sterilize themselves and hand the Continent over to total strangers.

Sweden to Force Religious Ministers to Perform Fake Marriage Ceremonies for Sodomites

This falling domino is not surprising, but I follow it with interest as the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has an apostolate in Stockholm. This story indicates that this edict is only applied to the Swedish protestant organization, whose ministers the article calls "priests".  The crisis for Catholic priests has not yet come.  Like I said, it's a domino.

It got me thinking, though, that when it does come, what percentage of Catholic priests will refuse to offer that incense to Moloch? Does your guess change whether the priest is in Europe or the U.S.? Africa?

So, how about it? Leave your predictions in the combox.  How many priests will refuse to go along with this when the time comes? Give a % based on worldwide, and one based on your country (please identify).

My guess: 5% worldwide will refuse to go along, and maybe 12% in the U.S. But I'm a natural optimist.

10 July 2017

Stealing Gender from a Baby

The emperor has no clothes, even a child can see that. In fact, only a child-- in the sense that one has not been steeped in the cultural brainwashing insanity that denies truth-- can see it.  And in the case of the so-called "transgendered", having no clothes means we can tell that the emperor is really a man, even if he says he is a woman.

Now, of course, perverts aren't satisfied with their own perversions being considered healthy. They must destroy their children, or those poor victim children that courts allow them to adopt and experiment upon. But don't say that this is horrific child abuse, because you will be considered the insane one.

All this honesty really bothers the evil and insane lobby in our non-culture. Jim Goad lays it all out for you in this article at TakiMag. As usual with Jim Goad, I am giving you a strong language warning. He talks about some poor child in Canada whose sick mother is trying to destroy his life. Ironically, his article (and by extension this post) would be considered criminal hate speech in Canada. The land of go-along-get-along has reached the terminal stage.



A Canadian child born last November is thought to be the first person in the world issued a government health card without a gender designation.

Prediction: This child will grow up to have severe and perhaps incurable emotional problems.

The baby’s mother, one Kori Doty, is a chick who thinks she’s a dude.

NBC News refers to Kori as “a non-binary transgender person who prefers the pronouns ‘they/them,’” which only proves that NBC News is part of the problem here.

Compounding matters, Kori refers to herself as “a non-binary genderqueer trans person” who lives in “occupied British Columbia Canada.” Eager to share, she claims she’s “struggled with mental illness, explored gender transitions, explored fertility + pregnancy, lived with a connective tissue disorder, and pursued healing in many modalities.”

In a press release on her website, Kori defends her decision not to “gender” the baby, who is currently named Searyl Atli Doty:

I do not gender my child. It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity. I am not going to foreclose their choices based on an arbitrary assignment of gender at birth based on an inspection of their genitals.

Oh, shove it up your mustachioed nostrils, lady. Does this daffy broad even know what the word “arbitrary” means? No one’s “assigning gender” based on a whim—they merely check whether the baby has a penis or vagina and realize that the baby’s gender has already been assigned—by nature, not society. It’s this way throughout the animal kingdom and always has been, until far-left mental cases came along denying the stark realities of sexual dimorphism.


Even more ominously, last month the province of Ontario passed a law that would effectively make criminals of parents who disapproved of their child’s chosen “gender identity,” labeling them “child abusers” and risking total loss of custody.


The mainstream media’s utter surrender to the modern Gender Delusion constitutes the hugest abdication of journalistic standards I’ve seen in my lifetime, and that’s saying a mouthful. Almost across the board, they’ve swallowed this insane gender-denial rhetoric and will obediently refer to men as women and women as men and boys will be girls and girls will be boys. There’s no such thing as “transphobia,” but it appears that uncomfortably large swaths of the public are absolutely terrified of reality.

08 July 2017

America Has a Distorted View of the World

Says the guy whose advisors host drug-fueled sodomitical orgies on Vatican property with no rebuke from the boss, too busy trying to destroy the Church he is supposed to protect.

Thanks for the heads up.

07 July 2017

Ten Years In, Gratitude for Summorum Pontificum

On this tenth anniversary of the great act of justice by Pope Benedict XVI in recognizing the continued vitality and liceity of the traditional Mass, I want to say a few words, and then post a piece from a few years ago, still timely today.

One thing to note immediately: looking at ten years ago from through the lens of today is both humbling and emboldening-- and certainly instructive.  Then, it seemed as though it were just possible that the destruction resulting from Vatican II and the novus ordo, truly devastating as it was, had reached a climax and pause. And that the cautious beginnings of a possibly irreversible restoration had begun. 

From that perspective, Summorum Pontificum was a marker-- not of the beginning of the restoration, but of the end of the beginning, and hopefully to be followed by greater restoration to come. To take but one example, how many people noted the irrefutable demographics of Mass attendance between the two "forms" of the Roman Rite?

God knew of course that this was a hopelessly optimistic view. In just ten years, the very idea of a "reform of the reform" is laughable; doctrine is abandoned, along with the souls it is designed to protect, by nearly every hierarch charged with the task of protecting both. The temporal state of the Church is at near-death. The occupant of the throne of Peter uses every dictatorial power and process to destroy the legitimacy both of the papacy itself and of the Church as an institution.

And yet-- and yet-- the Mass lives. It cannot be abrogated. It is the timeless Roman Rite, promoting, safeguarding, explaining, celebrating, the Truth. The Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. 

No Bergoglio can change that. 

The novus ordo can be celebrated validly and with a certain measure of reverence. So what? That true claim is its own condemnation. And please don't pretend that it is often celebrated licitly, even according to its own rubrics. 

The Traditional Latin Mass, handed down for more than 1800 years in its current form (more or less), still celebrated nearly 500 years after its definitive expression was codified and made forever mandatory as the Roman Rite by Pope St. Pius V, lives on. And will live on, as long as Our Lord allows a Mass to be said for this guilty world. 

It is our guarantor of victory. It cannot be abolished. Abolish the sun and moon, rather.

I read that there are rumors that Francis is contemplating the abrogation of Summorum Pontificum. I don't believe he would, but so what? All he would abrogate is the window dressing of precatory verbiage to reassure modernists that their precious new Mass wasn't being displaced. It doesn't matter. It was displaced long before they ever devised it and forced it on an unwilling, victim Church.

The right of every priest to celebrate, and of every person to assist at, the traditional Latin Mass is guaranteed through immemorial custom, confirmed by papal decree. Praise and thank God for it!

If Francis or ten others like him try to suppress the Mass, I say let them try. They will only bring about a clarity that will finally cause that rotten edifice of effeminism, vice and heresy to come crashing down, leaving standing that beautiful, pure, golden Catholic Church --and her timeless Mass

That result is inevitable, whether one or one billion adhere to her.

Wow, that was a long intro, but I get carried away sometimes! To the repost:

In the wake of the Council of Trent, when Pope St. Pius V standardized the Roman Missal-- the Roman Rite, with minor discrepancies in various places, which had pre-dated Trent by more than a thousand years-- he made his wishes very clear in the great Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum:

...whereas, by this present Constitution, which will be valid henceforth, now, and forever, We order and enjoin that nothing must be added to Our recently published Missal, nothing omitted from it, nor anything whatsoever be changed within it under the penalty of Our displeasure.

...in virtue of Our Apostolic authority, We grant and concede in perpetuity that, for the chanting or reading of the Mass in any church whatsoever, this Missal is hereafter to be followed absolutely, without any scruple of conscience or fear of incurring any penalty, judgment, or censure, and may freely and lawfully be used. Nor are superiors, administrators, canons, chaplains, and other secular priests, or religious, of whatever title designated, obliged to celebrate the Mass otherwise than as enjoined by Us. We likewise declare and ordain that no one whosoever is forced or coerced to alter this Missal, and that this present document cannot be revoked or modified, but remain always valid and retain its full force...

I can only imagine that the great saint was very displeased with the way things turned out in the late 1960s. The Novus Ordo Missae certainly was a change. And yet some will cling to the amusing notion that there were significant changes to the Roman Missal from 1570 to 1955, when Bugnini began the demolition process through the "restored" Holy Week ceremonies.

Those events of the sad past did not work to undo the fact that the Paul VI did not effectively suppress or abrogate the Roman Missal, which had most recently been published in 1962. This position was legally correct, even being confirmed by a commission of Cardinals convened by Pope John Paul II: the Roman Missal was still in force, and any priest could say it.

We know, however, that the many modernists in the Church, both clergy and laity, practically suppressed the traditional Mass, and acted as though it were lawfully suppressed. Surely many did this in good faith as they saw it, and in ignorance. But some did not possess that good faith. And so, without any mandate from Pope or Council, without any direction to do so in the new Missal or from any authoritative Church document, the altars were smashed, altar rails ripped out, sanctuaries whitewashed, the truths of the faith that so naturally informed the Church's liturgy, and which liturgy supported them in return, were discarded. And people went away. And souls were lost.

Even John Paul II, who in some respects made the traditional Mass more available, phrased access to it in the terms of "indult" (as though it were a permitted deviation from the law), first in 1984, and then again in 1988 as he sought to calm the waters after the stand-off with the SSPX over the episcopal consecrations of that year.

From 1984 to 2007, there was progress in the spread of the availability of the traditional Mass, but this progress was halting, and could reasonably be described as glacial in pace. And yet...

It did spread.

The liturgy of the Church compels. It is the most perfect combination of beauty and truth that we shall see in this vale of tears. The irregular situation of the SSPX put the issue in a political bind, but the truth was always the same: The Mass had never been abrogated or suppressed. The SSPX kept the Mass going. Other priestly societies with clear canonical faculties arose: the FSSP in 1988 as it split with the SSPX over the consecration dispute; the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in 1990; Campos, Brazil was granted an Apostolic Administration for the traditional Mass and sacraments. There were others, too, some societies of priests, some religious orders, and the few courageous parish priests who braved the displeasure of their ordinaries, the scorn and derision of their confreres, and even the anger of their flocks, to keep the Mass alive.

The struggle of the outcasts, the faithful Catholics who kept the traditional Mass alive in hotel rooms, funeral parlors, private homes, and in Churches, too, is one to which I was very late in coming. By the time I was drawn to the timeless Mass-- and knew that I had to let others know about it-- the iceberg was already beginning to break apart. All those who stood strong, struggled and suffered, deserve our thanks, and for those who have passed on, our fervent prayers. For all of the problems arising after 1988, it is undeniable that Archbishop Lefebvre was a stalwart in the struggle for the Mass. And many others: Davies, Siri, Ottaviani, Castro Meyer, and too many more to list.

I cannot end this post on the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum without expressing my gratitude to the Most Holy Trinity: God the Father, Who so cares for us; God the Son, Who did not abandon His Church; and God the Holy Ghost, Who despite our efforts preserves the Church from error and from the gates of hell.

In the temporal realm, I must also thank Pope Benedict XVI for his great act of justice, for his mercy to his flock, and for his efforts to restore the great guardian of truth in the Church-- her liturgy.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for our beloved Cardinal Burke, who, when he was Archbishop and to this day, understood and understands the necessary connection between the Church's celebration of her liturgy and her adherence to the truth. He anticipated Summorum Pontificum by bringing the Institute to La Crosse, then to Saint Louis, and by personally ordaining priests in the traditional ordination rite in his own See. No one who was there can forget the event that was the 2007 ordinations of Canon William Avis and Canon Matthew Talarico at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis-- three weeks before the motu proprio was released. The Cathedral was packed with more than 1,300 faithful from all over the country who witnessed what many thought might never be again; the traditional Mass in all its glory in an Archdiocesan Cathedral and the ordination of priests in the beautiful and ancient form that so greatly emphasized the love and sacrifice inherent in that priesthood. It was a watershed moment.

Even to this day, St. Louis is still fortunate to have an ordinary in Archbishop Carlson who allows the Oratories established by Cardinal Burke to continue their mission. In today's climate, that is a cause for thanks, too. Praise God for His Blessings.

Finally, I give thanks to God for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, because it has been an instrument of God in the deeper conversion of my family and me. And at the core of all of it has been the Mass. The loving care for souls that the Institute shows flows directly and immediately from its loving care for the liturgy.

So, today is a day to celebrate. If you have never read Summorum Pontificum, read it here. And then read the document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Universae Ecclesiae here.

God bless you all.
St. Pius V, pray for us!

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us!

05 July 2017

Neglect Not the Grace That Is in Thee

Cardinal Joachim Meisner, requiescat in pace.

The Epistle of today, the Feast of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, provided an excellent source of meditation for me this morning. First of all, the Epistle is St. Paul's first to Timothy, Chapter 4: 8-16. Perhaps it's simplistic but anytime I hear St. Paul speaking to Timothy I try to pay extra attention.

Reading it through and through, it speaks to the remnant Catholics who are left in this wonderful time, but also speaks to the situation of the four Cardinals. Some thoughts:

Dearly beloved: Godliness is profitable to all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. A faithful saying and worthy of all approbation. For therefore we labor and are reviled, because we hope in the living God, Who is the Savior of all men, especially of the faithful. These things command and teach.

What struck me today is the coupling of the life to come with the life that now is. And that, true to Our Lord's warning, we will suffer persecution and the world's hatred because of this striving for Godliness. Reflecting on the passing of Cardinal Meisner, one of the four to present Francis the dubia that remain unanswered, I thought how great it would be for a bishop-- or a pope-- to have that motto on his coat of arms:

In hoc enim laboramus, et maledicimur, quia speramus in Deum vivum

For therefore we labor and are reviled, because we hope in the living God

I pray Cardinal Meisner died in this hope. No one can say what the efforts of the dubia and its (some would say very timid) follow-up was at his judgement. Would we have done differently? Of course we cannot say, and this is the judgement we are admonished to avoid, the judgement of a soul's standing before God. It is a real admonition, regardless of how some who should know better have soiled the phrase.

Continuing: Let no man despise thy youth: but be thou an example of the faithful, in word, in conversation, in charity, in faith, in chastity. Till I come, attend unto reading, to exhortation, and to doctrine. Neglect not the grace that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with imposition of the hands of the priesthood.

The first part is a call to us all, living our lives in grace. And overall, what better description of the duties of a priest, bishop, Cardinal or Pope could there be? Then I thought, what a great papal or episcopal motto this would be:

Noli negligere gratiam, quae in te est

Neglect not the grace that is in thee

Or rather, the motto of the life of any Christian. We must attend to the grace that is in us, always seeking to cooperate with God's plan, seeking the growth of that grace and, again, Godliness. Then the living waters will well up and overflow, and we can be of use to others.

Meditate upon these things, be wholly in these things: that thy profiting may be manifest to all. Take heed to thyself, and to doctrine: be earnest in them. For in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee.

My prayer for Cardinal Meisner is that this last line will prove true, by taking heed of himself and doctrine, he saved himself and will save those who hear him. We don't know if he did enough, but he did something, something important and which largely earned him scorn, that only three others would do. Is it enough? Dear remaining Three Cardinals, is it? We don't know, but we pray in Hope. 

And it finally hit me that this passage also has a great episcopal, or papal, motto:

Attende tibi, et doctrinae: insta in illis.

Take heed to thyself and doctrine: be earnest in them.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

01 July 2017

Captain Obvious to Four Random Cardinals

Captain Obvious here: It is BEYOND time for the College of Cardinals to take decisive action about Francis. And if we can assume many or even most Cardinals have ceased to be manly Catholics, then how about any smaller number-- let's say FOUR of them-- declare Amoris Laetitia heresy and demand a retraction on pain of self-deposition. Assuming of course that the guy with the white hair and cassock who always has to double check Francis' consistory choices and canonizations isn't actually the real Pope. 

And how about some Cardinals-- maybe FOUR of them at least-- take the Pope Emeritus for a nice drive to a new location and hold a press conference where they they can all say with a hand on the Bible that Benedict actually abdicated.  If he did, drive him back home, give him some soup and a good book, wish him well, and then issue the condemnation of A.L. If he did not, declare the truth and accept the consequences. Maybe even consecrate Russia. 

More than four of the Catholic faithful of the world will stand with you either way. 

And who cares what happens? Are they afraid of schism? HA! Persecution and death? With God's grace we may endure that, but this slow killing of the Bride of Christ by the cabal of those who flout Natural and Revealed Law is infinitely worse.

Come on, Gentlemen! The wolves feast on the innocent! Do your jobs! 

Back to reality. Captain Obvious knows, of course that NONE of this will happen. 

People, pray to Mary to end this thing. Try your best to stay in the state of Grace and receive the sacraments while you can. As the former current former Pope just reminded us, the Lord wins in the end.