11 July 2017

Charlie Gard Holds a Mirror to the West

John Zmirak and Jason Jones at The Stream offer this wonderfully insightful piece on the real life (and death) drama of Charlie Gard and the effort of the death merchants of the West to sell him out. Can't recommend this piece highly enough.

Will Charlie Gard Bring Down the European (Soviet) Union?

The plight of Charlie Gard and his parents is awakening consciences around the world. What could be more clear-cut than this case? Parents who love their baby have found the money to try a treatment that just might save him. But doctors, British courts, and the European Court of Human Rights (Ministry of Love, anyone?) are all colluding against them. Against a baby.

Why? That’s the staggering question. What do all these powerful people care if two parents try this treatment? Are they afraid that it won’t work? Not at all. They’re straining at the leash to shut off his food and water. To turn off his respirator. Are they scared it will cause him anguish? Zero evidence for that.

A “Life Unworthy of Life”

No, the British doctors, judges, and the European court are afraid that the treatment might work. That it might save a “life unworthy of life.” It might set a troubling precedent: that the handicapped have value. That life is sacred and suffering is redeemable. Even that something matters more than piling up happy moments before you die. This spectacle of people around the world contributing to help two loving parents care for their sick, crippled child, who willingly embrace the sacrifices entailed … It shames them. They find it repulsive. It reminds them of the Cross.

Western Europe has gone beyond rejecting the supernatural. It can barely contain its revulsion at nature and life itself. Few countries in Europe have enough births to replace the dying. Eurocrats have chosen to outsource the grubby work of reproduction to the Muslim world, in the form of “refugees.” What more comprehensive way on earth could there be for them to reject their ancestors? To salt the earth against descendants? No treason could be more profound and perfect than to sterilize themselves and hand the Continent over to total strangers.

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JBQ said...

God bless Charlie Gard. He is a brave little guy.