25 August 2017

Feast of St. Louis IX, King of France

Someone to pray to in these days of simply awful government.

The statue above is the iconic representation of saint and city, called Apotheosis of Saint Louis, dating back to the 1904 World's Fair. If any mob ever tries to tear this down, I hope the police have orders to shoot at will. The city's politics are so bad, we need our patron saint's intercession more than ever.

Saint Louis, pray for us!


Long-Skirts said...

Oh, you know they're comin' for him!!

Anonymous said...

Statues can be moved. Web pages can be changed. But once something is on the internet, it will probably be there forever:

Karen said...

I love that statue! It will break my heart if they tear it down, but if that happens, I will probably have bigger things on my mind. God? Our Lady of Fatima? Rosaries? Yes!!

Unknown said...

A side comment: this weekend our Archdiocese used the readings for the Feast of St. Louis. The Gospel reading would have been the "you are Peter and on this rock..." Every time I hear this reading I hope for a homily about this topic, maybe the papacy, maybe the one church Jesus was establishing. Every time I am disappointed because the priest doesn't want to touch that aspect of the reading with a 10 foot pole. Anyway, I didn't have to be disappointed this time because we used different readings.