11 January 2018

If You Want Clarity, This Is It

Catholics, will you remain Catholic? Will you stand with Christ and the few at the foot of the Cross, or will you declare no king but Caesar? Will you stand with these men? Why hasn't every bishop from bottom to top not signed on to this statement?

We affirm therefore in the spirit of St. John the Baptist, of St. John Fisher, of St. Thomas More, of Blessed Laura Vicuña and of numerous known and unknown confessors and martyrs of the indissolubility of marriage:

It is not licit (non licet) to justify, approve, or legitimize either directly or indirectly divorce and a non-conjugal stable sexual relationship through the sacramental discipline of the admission of so-called “divorced and remarried” to Holy Communion, in this case a discipline alien to the entire Tradition of the Catholic and Apostolic faith.

By making this public profession before our conscience and before God who will judge us, we are sincerely convinced that we have provided a service of charity in truth to the Church of our day and to the Supreme Pontiff, Successor of Saint Peter and Vicar of Christ on earth.


chantgirl said...

It is demoralizing that so few have spoken.

I can only think of William Wallace's heartbreak on the battlefield when Robert Bruce betrayed him. Most of our princes are not only running away from the battlefield; they are betraying us to the enemy.

It is heartbreaking, but thank God for the few real men left in the Church.

TLM said...

Well, because the MAJORITY of them are effeminate little kittens and are afraid of their own shadows!! They are all YES MEN.