06 February 2008

Just for the Record

An updated story on the Bozek hearing, with some more insight into the Archbishop's position.  Very good story, in that the side of right is finally getting a good airing.  If Catholics read this, and the Archdiocesan information, with an open mind, or better yet --as faithful Catholics --giving their Archbishop the benefit of the doubt, then the confusion caused by Bozek would be cleared up quickly.

...Burke is concerned that Bozek is performing marriages, hearing confessions and celebrating confirmations while he's suspended from the priesthood. All those sacraments would be invalid in church law, and the archbishop said Bozek is deceiving his parishioners.

"This can't go on," said Burke "The matters are very clear, and you don't have to be a savant to figure it out … I'll give him another month, but that's the end. That's the limit." ...

God bless the Archbishop.  Despite everything, Bozek must suspect that if he truly repented, he would quickly find out that the Archbishop offers him mercy and forgiveness for the good of his own soul.


Anonymous said...

As Fr. Corapi says "Gods name is Mercy". . . .Archbishop Burke has been more than merciful towards Bozek and I know we've all been praying for Bozek and we can only hope he comes to his senses. . .SOON!

Anonymous said...

As we pray for the Archbishop, let's also pray for the wisdom, understanding, and prudence to be able to defend him when we hear people complaining about him and his quite true, just and charitable action.