05 February 2008

The Post's Story on Bozek's "Offer" Today

Can be found here.  An excerpt:

St. Stan pastor offers Burke a deal

After an hour-long meeting with St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke Tuesday morning, the Rev. Marek Bozek, pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka church, told 250 supporters outside the Catholic Center on Lindell Blvd. that he'd made an offer to Burke during their meeting.
Bozek, 32, handed out copies of a letter he'd presented Burke stating that if the archbishop were to "revoke all canonical penalties...i.e. the penalty of interdict, the penalty of excommunication, the suppression of the Parish," promise to keep St. Stanislaus open, provide the parish with a priest and "respect the current status quo of the governance of the ownership title and temporary goods" of the church, Bozek would "seriously consider" leaving St. Stanislaus and returning to his own diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau "or live monastic life in a Benedictine Abbey of my choice." He also said he would be willing to repent and publicly apologize as Burke has requested.
Bozek gave the archbishop 72 hours to accept his offer.

Last month, Burke began the laicization, or defrocking, process to return Bozek to the status of a layman. Bozek met with Burke Tuesday for "canonical admonition" after participating in a ceremony at Central Reform Congregation in November when two women were ordained as priests of an organization called Roman Catholic Womenpriests. The Roman Catholic church does not ordain women as priests. Both women were present at a rain-soaked prayer vigil held outside the Catholic Center Tuesday. About 20 Catholics supporting Burke set up their own prayer vigil on the opposite side of the courtyard in front of the building.



Anonymous said...

At least the Post article brings out that the canonical admonition of Marek Bozek has to do with more than just his mischief at St. Stan's.

Anonymous said...

Hey timman, long time reader, first time poster.

Apparently Bozek's definition of "excommunication" is a little whack. It isn't an invitation to "let's make a deal".

"or live monastic life in a Benedictine Abbey of my choice."

Oy. As an admirer of benedictine monastic life and a prospective oblate myself, I can say this makes me a tad uneasy. He'd be better off heading to the alps to become a carthusian or something



Anonymous said...

This is addressed to Timman and the prospective Benedictine.

I too thought the comment about the Benedictine Abbey was weird. Except, there is a schismatic and weird group of "ecumenical" Benedictines who come out of the Peoria Diocese and are known to be very strange. I met them when they approached me in hopes of renting one of my buildings in St. Charles. I met and spent time with one of their "deacons".

They describe themselves as members of the international Benedictine Order and they are composed of a motley crew of former Old Catholic, Orthodox and Episcopalian, and RC priests who have left their respective denominations for various unspecified reasons. The deacon told me that his group was being persecuted by Archdioceses in Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

I refused to rent to them because they were just too weird not to mention schismatic.

I asked the leader of the abbots at Priory about them and he said they were known to him and he thought they were Episcopalians. (There are in fact Episcopalian Benedictines.) The vicar general of the Peoria diocese referred to them as a giant pain because they kept confusing the faithful of the Peoria diocese by calling themselves Catholic. The VG of Peoria also described them as Episcopalians.

Now get this. When I told them I would rent to them if they would only show me a document of "faculties" from Lindell Blvd. they lost interest in the building.

Okay, maybe Bozek was just saying Benedictine because he didn't know what else to say. But I think he's probably already contacted them and what he's trying to negotiate from His Grace is an ecclesiastical version of "safe passage". In other words if His Grace will just not laicize him and leave his sacramental powers partly in tact as to their validity (not legality) then Bozek will leave.

Bozek may just be looking for the next cozy place to hide out.

I'm that cynical about the guy. I think he was running from something in Poland, he was running from something in Cape G. and now he's still running.

Fr. Andrew said...

Reading these Fr. Bozek posts has firmed my conviction to pray a daily Rosary for all priests as part of my Lenten disciplines.

Anonymous said...


I'm familiar with the group you are speaking of. There's no real "Benedictine Hierarchy" to speak of, only a rough confederation of highly individualistic abbeys and priories. It is entirely possible to claim to be a "Benedictine" as long as you follow the rule of the man himself and your particular ecclesial community isn't ill disposed towards some monastic life. I know oblates (and monks) who are Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, etc. There are even some Oblates who are *not christian*. So the benedictine umbrella is a big one. Unfortunately, this also allows for some fringe left and right wing groups to claim the label of "Benedictine" to give themselves a false appearance of legitimacy. The peoria group springs immediately to mind, as does an abbey in pennsylvania (That I'm not going to name) whose "brothers" are devotedly sedevacantist.


ps. Hope to see everyone at SFDS tomorrow. Let's make it a prayerful and productive Lent

Anonymous said...

There were comments on Fr. Bozek being homosexual and doing weird things at his seminary in Poland.

Anonymous said...



Father Bozek originally studied for the priesthood in Poland with the Pallotine order, then the Archdiocese of Warmia. He left seminary studies for the Warmia archdiocese after he was accused of homosexual tendencies. Eight years ago, he came to the US, where he was ordained a priest in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Here is another link to read if you're interested: