30 June 2008

Happy Birthday

To Archbishop Burke-- 60 today.

With grateful remembrance in our prayers.  

Let me know if you need a Rome-based blogger on your staff.

No, really.  

P.S.  We need a b-i-i-i-i-i-i-g apartment.


Lynne said...

"Let me know if you need a Rome-based blogger on your staff."

You wish! lol

Although you would do a great job!

Anonymous said...

I'd love your take on this entry at Commonweal - particularly the first comment. It would be great if you or some of your readers could respond there.

Yes, you have to register, but it's no problem. Those folks live in a bubble that could use some bursting.

thetimman said...

Thanks for the link, but I'll take a pass on that site. There are enough know-nothings in this town spouting off to give me enough to do. England will have to make do on this one.


Athelstane said...

Hello Tim,

That's all right - I already made a cameo at the Commonweal thread. So you don't have to.

And to His Grace: Ad multos annos!!!

Patrick Kinsale said...

Yeah, I see Joe who used to post here and elsewhere all the time is a poster at Commonweal. His hatred and lack of charity is transparent.