17 June 2008

One of the Saddest Pictures Ever

Apart from being nausea-inducing, this photo is truly one of the saddest moments ever caught on film. Do these two deluded women not know that they will soon appear before their Maker?

One can only pray that ignorance, that eighth sacrament, will plead for them.

We need to pray constantly for this country of ours, and for an end to the culture of death.


Anonymous said...

Nausea-inducing? Go ahead and argue that same-sex marriages should never be embraced by the Catholic Church; that's an argument based on religious beliefs. But to call an embrace and kiss between these partners nausea-inducing is to suggest that you're still in fourth grade. Trying growing up.


Anonymous said...


Ok, so this whole thing is awful, you're right. But do we really need to see such an image? While the story is terrible, the picture is worse and I, for one, don't particularly care to see it. Indeed we should pray for their repentance before their deaths and indeed, it is one sad situation, for many reasons.

thetimman said...

Second anon, I wasn going to apologize and seriously consider removing the picture and post, but the comment by Steve, above, reminded me why I posted it in the first place. It is unsettling, I admit.

Steve, the idea of same-sex marriage is not merely against the teachng of the Catholic Church, and condemned in the Scriptures, but is contrary to natural law, which holds true for persons of all religions, and for persons of no religion. The picture is troubling because these people are doing themselves great harm, albeit unknowingly, and have themselves been sold a bill of goods.

Anonymous said...

Okay, are you saying that these two old ladies "married"? Now I'm repulsed!

At first glance, I thought it was just a couple of my family members, kissing hello or goodbye. We do that in our Italian family.

I still have a hard time believing these two grandmas are lesbians. . .