26 June 2008

Pretend Priestesses Turn to RFT for One More Chance to Whine about the Archbishop

This may come as a shock, but Rose and Elsie still want to tell everyone that they really, really, really, really, really are womenpriests, that they won't listen to the Archbishop, and that they are fairly desperate for publicity.

From the full story at the Riverfront Times:

The archbishop is enraged about a display advertisement that the women have been running in the Post-Dispatch, according to a June 10 letter from Burke to the Womenpriests. The ad, publicizing their services at Thérèse of Divine Peace Inclusive Community, runs every other week in the “Catholic” section of the newspaper’s Saturday-edition worship directory. Burke in his letter enjoined the women to rescind Catholic references from the ad immediately.

Both of you know that this is the height of false advertising, the Archbishop writes. The work that you carry out is not part of the Roman Catholic Church. It is in direct and contumacious rebellion against Roman Catholic teaching and practice. You have been excommunicated and have shown yourselves contumacious. You have incurred, automatically, the censure of excommunication because you have broken communion with the Roman Catholic Church…. I instruct you to cease immediately any reference to your activities as Roman Catholic or as constituting a Roman Catholic parish.


McGrath has already assured her Post sales rep, Kevin Weaks, that she will not pull the ad.


Wink, wink-- the RFT says the Archbishop is "enraged". Right. Right.

I don't know if false advertising is a sin in their "church" or not. I guess it depends on the advertiser.


Anonymous said...

In a local editing session sometime last week:

Concerned? No, too compassionate.
Disappointed? No, too even-keeled.
Surprised? No, not judgemental enough.
Irritated? No, not "all-consuming".
Angered? No, not quite over the top.
Enraged? Perfect!

Patrick Kinsale said...

I have wondered whether the Post-Dispatch should police these listings to make sure they are accurate. Could we create a church out of air and declare it, say, Lutheran Missouri Synod and advertise it there? It would be in the paper's best interest to do a better job sifting the listings.