12 January 2009

As Bad as It Gets: Student Auctions Off Her Virginity Online, Current bid $3.7 million

Every time one might think humanity has finally hit the bottom rung of the ladder, the reality dawns that there are lower rungs still.

From the UK Telegraph:

Student auctions off virginity for offers of more than £2.5 million

A student who is auctioning her virginity to pay for a masters degree in Family and Marriage therapy has seen bidding hit £2.5million ($3.7m).

It figures that she is a "Women's Studies" major. This girl needs prayers in the worst way.


Peter said...

that is just so sad. that something so priceless could go for so cheap.

Pro Life Girl said...

If I had the money, I would try to win the bid just so that she would keep her virginity.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Pro Life Girl! Too bad there isn't some REALLY rich pro-life person out there that could save her!

Anonymous said...

3.7 million for sex? My gosh! One could find that on a street corner for $100.

Pro Life Girl, you are gallant. If she is feeling low enough to auction off her virginity, and someone won who didn't take it from her, she would soon give it away for free.

Venerable Bede said...

Well, I'd have to be honest, if my daughter pulled a stunt like this (which she wouldn't, my family has a habit of instilling a decent set of morals), I'd have no other choice but to advise her to correct her ways or disown her. I could not be part of a such a public and heinous sin.

But, some perspective:

Firstly, this a complete gimmick. This crap has been running since september and she has made absolutely no movement to carry through.

Secondly: Any woman who has such a lack of morals as to auction her virginity probably never bothered to keep it to begin with. The solution? Hymen reconstruction surgery. It's called hymenorrhaphy. It's available from most plastic surgery clinics, it's very cheap, and you can be out in a day. And the poor fool that just bid millions for your "virginity" is none the wiser.

Point the Third. Natalie Dylan is not her real name. It's a pseudonym. If she's so uncaring about taboos, why doesn't she release her own name? Hmmm?

Pointo Numero Quattro:

I find it odd that the collective worlds of facebook and myspace aren't positively exploding with this ho's real identity. She claims to be a university student majoring in "Women's Studies" (obviously code for prostitution), so I'm not surprised all of her female fellow students (if there really are any) aren't all gossiping about their situation. Aren't they also willing to sell their stories to cheap gossip sites to make a few extra bucks for "tuition".

Speaking of which, considering how high the bidding has gotten, I'm starting to wonder exactly where this chick plans on going to college. DO they have golden in sinks in the universities in california or something?

This entire thing reeks of gimmick and fraud. In my mind there are only 2 conclusions: 1) This is all an attention grabbing scam or 2) This woman is not really a virgin. She's just an average street ho looking to make a buck, no different than any of the millions of other women of my (unfortunately) "generation".


Anonymous said...

Why has nobody mentioned that a MAN is willing to spend this money. If we MEN were decent - then this lady would bot be able to do this. Bede, your diatribe is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...


You make good points, and could be correct. That is the thing about the internet, it attracts scams and frauds. But, really, hymen reconstructive surgery? That is weird!