23 January 2009

I Don't Get This

The St. Louis Review today ran a typical CNS story trying to link poverty with racism.  Of course, we are told that blacks are disproportionally represented among the poor.  Fine, but there is no effort to prove that this is the result of racism.  We're just supposed to assume it.

Hopefully, the new Review editor will cut the cord to CNS and rely upon his fine group of reporters to report the news, and the Archdiocese's fine theologians to provide theological commentary.  The link to the story is here, but you will need to enter your Review subscription number to read the entire article.

Catholic Charities links poverty, racism 

by Dennis Sadowski

WASHINGTON (CNS) — As part of its continuing nationwide campaign to cut poverty in half by 2020, Catholic Charities USA is ramping up efforts to help people understand the ties between poverty and racism. 

The Alexandria, Va.-based agency is utilizing the Internet, prayer and a study guide to help Catholics open meaningful discussions on how better to address the needs of the poor, especially in minority communities, and take action to reduce the incidence of poverty locally. 

Precious Blood Father Clarence Williams, senior director of racial equality and diversity initiatives at Catholic Charities USA, said Catholics must begin to understand the depth of poverty and take significant steps to alleviate it across racial lines. 

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