23 January 2009

SSPX General Superior to Swedish TV re: Williamson Interview

(found via The Remnant; click image to enlarge)


Fr. Andrew said...

Nice scoop!

Anonymous said...

Did this letter by Bernard Fellay cancel the interview, or just define the agenda?

Anonymous said...

StGuyFawkes said...
Fr. Fellay needs to come back to planet earth. The purpose of journalism is frequently to turn over stones. And you don't even have to turn over many to discover that the SSPX are zany.

I once asked an Irish citizen whether he didn't secretly hope for the eventual union of Ulster with the Irish Republic.

He said, "Hell no, what the hell are we gonna do with all those Protestant extremists who will blow up everything in Dublin."

I use this analogy to point out some of the problems that will ensue when we rightly bring the SSPX back to planet Rome.

Floating the SSPX back across the Tiber is both useful and good. But there are going to be problems.

I interviewed, for a magazine, some SSPX functionaries out on Grant road eighteen years ago. Even then they were into dancing around the issue of the Holocaust.

The SSPX is VERY French and they are deeply attached to the monarchist and collaborationist traditions as represented by Charles Mauras and the Vichy government his followers still defend.

This is why it is so very important to end the schism and bring these boys home. We're going to have to suffer them and straighten them out.

They have gotten weirder and weirder during their years in the wilderness.

In the meantime I still think they could do a lot of good by taking over St. Cronan's.

(Okay, okay.....the joke doesn't work.....)

23 January, 2009 13:53

thetimman said...

St. Guy, sorry I slightly edited your comment, but I don't want this to degenerate into an all out food fight.

Also, His Excellency Fellay is a Bishop, regardless of the circumstances surrounding his consecration. We should be civil and charitable with those who are attached to the SSPX. These people are Catholics who hold to the Catholic Faith, and regardless of any prudential errors are not heretical or schismatic.

StGuyFawkes said...


Pointing out that the head of the local Vichy milice, Paul Touvier, was captured in an SSPX center is factual history. (Edit this out if you wish for your own prudential reasons but I think you are being a little Orwellian. Touvier's attachment to SSPX is a fact.)

Nonetheless, I've known SSPX members for years and I do not think they are heretical. And I did not say they were. Whether they are schismatic or not is a technical question I leave to my betters.

I must add that I AM being civil and charitable when I say that but for them there would have been no indult masses or traditionalist movement. They are good Catholics.

We owe them much.

Nonetheless, to know them is to love them and to love them is to know that they are ZANY and will need some brotherly correction.

Tim, you think you ran a controversial post when you brought up the issue of head coverings for women? Do you have the courage to mention that some SSPX pastors don't think women should wear slacks?

Have you read Bishop Williamson's essay which complained that THE SOUND OF MUSIC wasn't fair in its treatment of the Nazis?

Tim, c'mon have you spent any time with these guys?

Are you really ready to endorse French politician Jean Marie LePen?

We're taking on a lot of strange French baggage when we bring these guys "in through customs." Is it wrong to ask them, if politically
speaking, they "anything to declare?"

They have a lot to declare! They have an abolute hatred of the French Revolution. I don't care if they hate it. I'm no fan of that revolution either. But to say that your movement is purely liturgical when Archb. Marcel Lefebvre's own writings go out of the way to attack the French Revolution (which was the intellectual source of the Holocaust) and then deny the Holocaust, that is crazy.

Anonymous said...

St. Guy: "We're going to have to suffer them and straighten them out"?

Young man, we've been suffering you and your ilk for decades! The SSPX Bishops, priests and all of the faithful who attend their chapels will be a breath of much needed fresh air in the Church.

Thank you, Mr. Timman, for straightening this man out.


StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Veronica,

You wrote, "Young man, we've been suffering you and your ilk for decades!"

In every family there is a brother or sister whom one must suffer and straighten out. I guess I'm him.

So, thanks for the big sisterly hug. But most of all thanks for calling me a "young man".

No one has thought of ME as young for, well, decades.


St. Guy

Patrick Kinsale said...

I dunno. When I compare what Williamson has said to some of the utterances from certain American hierarchy, I amo not too worried about it all.

Anonymous said...


What is wrong with the SSPX pastors thinking woman shouldn't wear pants? There have been many Bishops writing over the years that slacks are immodest on women. Padre Pio wouldn't give absolution to a shop owner until she promised to stop selling pants for women!

Has our Blessed Mother ever appeared to anyone wearing pants? Do you think Mary would wear blue jeans or skirts if she was living in our world now?

Even though I choose not to wear pants, I certainly don't think it is sinful or immoral to wear them, but I do see the point of the SSPX and I admire their views that are so contrary to the times!