16 February 2009

Commander-in-Chief of the Culture of Death

Not content with supporting the killing of babies in the womb through procured abortion; not content with promoting the killing of babies overseas with U.S. taxpayer money; not content with allowing the currently-limited funding of the killing of babies in the name of science; not content with supporting the destruction of babies who survive the first attempt at aborting them; not content with funding abortifacient contraception in the misnamed stimulus bill; here comes the great leader with yet another kill order:


Fenian said...

Not a surprise at all.

In regards to the politics of the situation, another executive order? For supposedly being a "constitutional scholar" he seems to forget about the legislative branch of government.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like Mod Rod (Blago), eh? [re: Exec orders bypassing the legislature]

If I call Obie "president", it is "President Death."