19 February 2009

No Safe Place for People Who Think Wrong Thoughts

That is the situation in the world.  As a commenter at the Rorate Caeli post said-- no longer is it required that a person travel to the USSR, Asia or Africa to be martyred; it can happen in Europe or the Americas.

Two seemingly unrelated stories, but only seemingly:

From Rorate Caeli:

Argentina Expels Bishop Williamson

The most respected Argentinian daily, La Nación, reports:
The Interior Minister [of the Argentine Republic], Florencio Randazzo, announced that the National Migrations Agency "warned Richard Nelson Williamson to abandon the country within a peremptory ten-day period, under pain of having his expulsion decreed". 
The order and the respective threat of expulsion are based on a technicality: the Agency affirms that Williamson has "misinformed" the true reason for his presence in Argentina, since he declares to be "an administrative employee" of the Civil Association "La Tradición", when "in fact his true activity was that of priest and director of the Lefebvrist Seminary that the Fraternity of Saint Pius X has in the city of Moreno".
There is only one safe nation for Bishop Williamson now: the United States of America.

Pro-Life Workers Arrested in Birmingham, It’s a Sad Day for Human and Civil Rights

By Randy Sly

Catholic Online

Nine wrongfully arrested in Birmingham, Alabama for distributing pro-life literature on a public sidewalk.

WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) – At 7:00 am Friday morning Kortney Blythe was just being released after spending 14 hours in the Birmingham, Alabama city jail. Blythe, along with eight other members of Survivors Campus Life Tour, was arrested for reportedly trespassing while handing out pro-life literature near Parker High School. 

She was one of four women released and awaited action regarding the one additional women and the four men who are also members of the group. They were finally released at 9:00am. 

As the director of Campus Life Tour, an outreach of the pro-life ministry Survivors, Blythe was busy videotaping the event when, without warning, a dozen police cars arrived on the scene. The men and women were not informed why they were being arrested, but handcuffed and placed in the cars. Their video cameras and other equipment were confiscated and at last report, not yet returned. The group’s van was also impounded. 

Blythe told Catholic Online that one officer approached her, saying the group was trespassing. She responded by explaining that they were on a public sidewalk and simply exercising their constitutional rights. The officer responded, “You just can’t be here.” 

Not long after that she was stopped from her videotaping and placed in the back of a squad car. Another young woman was also placed next to her whose handcuffs were so tight she was crying out in pain. Police were unresponsive to pleas from Blythe to loosen the woman’s handcuffs. 

All but two members of the Survivors Campus Life Tour team distributed educational literature to passing students near Parker High School just as classes were dismissed on Thursday afternoon. The remaining two held large signs and dialogued with students on the public sidewalk. 

One member of the group, Rev. Henry “Bud” Shaver, a 30 year-old youth minister, was not only handcuffed but had his feet shackled at the jail. Earlier, when he was arrested near the high school campus he was told by police that the sidewalk was not public property for “non-citizens of Birmingham.” 

Blythe was questioned at the jail about the actions of the group, where she explained that they were expressing their rights guaranteed by the Constitution to gather on a public sidewalk and express their opinions. To that, one of the policemen responded, “You’re in Alabama, now.” 


After her release this morning Blythe stated, "We were arrested yesterday because of the content of our message. It's clear from the attitudes and actions of the police officers that our message of life is not welcome in Birmingham, and prejudice is alive and well in this city. 


During their overnight stay, members of the group learned that some of the guards at the jail also worked as security guards at a local abortion clinic in their off-duty hours. 

Attorneys had worked throughout the night to try to get a clear understanding of what happened and to seek the release of the group. 

One attorney who is handling the case is Allison Aranda with the Life Legal Defense Fund. She told LifeNews.com, "I am in shock and disbelief that a person can be arrested for simply standing on a public sidewalk and handing out literature." 

"If there is any principle that is so deeply rooted in this nation's history it is the right of free speech, and it is shameful that those charged with upholding the law are in fact the ones that violated the highest law of the land today," Aranda said. 



The attack on the pro-life protesters by the police would not have happened a year ago.  The PC movement has eroded free speech rights in this country, but this is happening because the government is rife with pro-abortion and anti-free speech politicians.  Plain and simple, these people are being persecuted for thinking wrong thoughts.

The reader who forwarded the story to me merely said, "It begins."

As for Bishop Williamson, please don't bother to comment that "he had it coming because he denied the holocaust."  We know he denied that six million died in the holocaust.  The point is that this is an opinion of his.  It is his right to possess, and express, any opinion he wants, whether it is correct or incorrect, as long as it is not a direct incitement to violence.

I mean, are you kidding me?  Argentina?  The same country that took in Nazi refugees is going to kick out Bishop Williamson?  Give me a break. 

If he goes back to any EU country, he is subject to mandatory extradition if Germany wants to prosecute him.  As for the immigration-employer argument, this is a ruse.  A religious leader can be employed by a Church organization or private religious organization.  Just ask Bozek.

This is an abomination-- the precedent of punishing a person for what he believes or says is dangerous.  

Williamson is being persecuted for thinking wrong thoughts.

The day hastens when being Catholic, or reciting the creed, will be a hate crime.   Adhering to Catholic moral teaching already is in many countries.  The Rorate Caeli Article says the only safe country for Williamson is the U.S.  Maybe, but not for long.

Christians will imitate Christ in His sufferings more and more.


TGL said...

You have absolutely no way of knowing whether the arrests would or would not have happened a year ago. Has Birmingham, Alabama all the sudden become the pro-life bashing capitol of the world?

Anonymous said...

"Only safe country for Williamson is the U.S." Completely untrue. Americans really do not know the country they live in. Both Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolph were extradited from the US, ultimately to Germany, both to be imprisoned for so-called Holocaust denial. The truth is there are only about 13 countries, almost all in Europe that have such laws while a few "countries" like the US, Canada and Argentina have shown a willingness to hand over the offenders to be crucified. But the rest of the world, and yes thats by far most of the world, is a relative safe haven. This is NOT about saying wrong things, if the good Bishop was a flat earther no one would care, its about striking at the root and speaking Truth to power. The mythologies of the Second World War are the moral foundation of the Judeo-Western New World Order of today. To question it is to question them. As Ocar Wilde once said, if you're going to tell people the truth you had better make them laugh, otherwise they will kill you.

Fenian said...

I totally agree with you. If we start expelling individuals for their opinions, no matter how wrong, we are stepping into dangerous territory.

I am still amazed that holocaust denial is a crime in some European countries. Freedom of thought, no matter how ludicrous, is essential, irrespective of a country's past.

YoungCatholicSTL said...

Timman -

As to Williamson:

1. Watch out for the thought police. Since when is being wrong about history a crime?

2. Logic is lacking somewhere here. Since when does Holocaust denial = Anti-Semitism? The reverse is clearly not true. Hitler accepted the Holocaust, yet he was possibly the biggest Anti-Semite to ever live. In reverse, just because someone has an inaccurate view of the Holocaust, does that mean they hate all Jews? What if Williamson can't believe the Holocaust because he so loves Jews that he doesn't believe anyone could do something like that to them? Maybe its a ridiculous scenario, and I realize Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denisl are often related, but until Williamson says something that indicates he actually dislikes Jews (as opposed to just being dumb), I refuse to call Williamson an Anti-Semite.

3. I highly recommend PriestBlock 25487. It is a great story about Catholic priests in a separate prison camp at Dachau, written by a priest who lived through it. Several thousand clergy, mostly Catholic priests, brothers, and seminarians, were sent to live there throughout parts of the war for speaking out against the Nazis and their treatment of the Jews.

Latinmassgirl said...

Did I get something wrong? What I read was that Bishiop Willamson DOES think that there was a horrific Holocaust during WWII against Jews. He simply does not think it was 6 million killed in GAS CHAMBERS, because the gas is too lethal to others. This sounds like a good, scientific-based question.

Why so angry if his theory isn't true? Are they afraid others may bring up questions? Wether there were 6 million Jews killed in gas chambers, or 300,00 starved in prison doesn't make it any less horrible. It was still wrong, and certainly shouldn't be repeated!

Anonymous said...

What about Williamson's support for the debunked Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Fairly in-your-face anti-Semitism there.

You can make the argument that a bigoted jerk should get to visit whatever country he wants, but I think we're past the point of arguing that he isn't a bigoted jerk.


Anonymous said...

I always get a smile when I read the familiar tones of a drive by poster like "Brangler". That the Protocols are debunked is far from a fact. Allegedly they are lifted from the "Dialogues" of Maurice Joly but it has been equally proposed that Joly, a known jewish plagiarist, lifted the "Dialougues" from the Protocols. Given the very archaic language of the Protocols they certainly seem to predate Jolys work. Calling someone a bigoted jerk without much groundwork is pretty much SOP for you guys though isnt it?
As to whether the 6 million figure matters, believe me, it matters or they wouldnt be flailing about so madly. Amusingly enough its a recycled figure from the First world war, see Gov. Glynns appeal of 1919. The figure of 6 million was given to Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson by three prominent jewish Americans in a meeting at the FBI on June 11, 1945. Jackson, who had been picked to head the Nuremberg "trials", expressed doubt that such a figure could've been reliably obtianed within less than a month of the wars end.
It probably should be noted that some interpretations of the Kabbalah suggest 6 million Jews must die before a return to Israel can occur.
As for the Popes behavior on all this, its intolerable.

MP said...

So, where are the lists with the names of the "6 million" Jews that were killed, and where do you bury so many people who have been gassed with cyanide? There must be mass graves somewhere which would total 6 million in number.

What is happening to Bishop Williamson is outrageous!. Even if there was actual proof that 6 million Jewish people were gassed, he shouldn't be forced to resign because he thinks the method and number are incorrect. There is nothing against the Catholic teachings in his beliefs.