07 March 2009

Just a Thought that Occurred to Me Today...

...while I was continuing to weed through the Burroughs prom post commentary:

Considering the storm of indignation and typically cliche-ridden sloganeering erupting merely when they learn that some blog criticized their prom theme, what will the secular and secularized community do if someone dares to oppose legalizing homosexual marriage, or tries to make illegal the liberty to kill babies in the womb for convenience, science or whatever other rationalization they use?

Prop 8 in California comes to mind.  If they are in the majority, they cling to the democratic process as negating your concerns.  If they are in the minority, they use the courts to erase popularly enacted laws.  If they can't win in either venue, they resort to societal sabotage.  At all times, they accuse you of bigotry, closed-mindedness, hate, or anything else that will advance their agenda one inch.

The history of civilization and the micro-history of human nature stand in witness:  sexual lust leads to blood lust.  And the culture of death marches on.


Anonymous said...

May I call you Tim since I am old enough to be your mother?

I've been thinking about this since yesterday. This entire ruckus just confirms what I have long become convinced of. Do you see how wide the gap is between "them" and "us" (for lack of a better way to put it)? There's no way you could even talk to these people. St. Matthew 7:6 is very timely.

Gregory Thaumaturgas said...

Great story Timman! I think you're totally right though., but then again: it's just us humans again; God probably said, "They ate the fruit?!?!?" And in the same way, we are mirroring God when we say, "How can those homosexuals be so unjust?!?"