14 April 2009

No Word Yet on Whether Gov. Perry is Listed in the Report


Anonymous said...

Ineffably, indubitably.

Athanasius Magnus said...

How interesting that we are going down this road again. Unfortunately, as we learned in 1863, True adherence to the founding fathers' separation of powers will be outlawed as associated with racism and other current cultural evils. Then it was slavery, now it will be illegal aliens and the "rights" of the pregnant mother. One thing is for sure; people like Governor Perry will be on the wrong side of history, as were the confederates. The only thing we can hope and pray for is that it doesn't end as badly as it did before. Everyone please pray for our country!

Anonymous said...

Gov. Perry for President!

Don't mess with Texas!

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

Latinmassgirl said...

Athanasius Magnus,

Slavery did NOT adhere to the founding father's principles - it was contrary to the constitution.

Gov. Perry is not on the wrong side of the law! Maybe his wise and plain spoken words will wake up the American people who mistakingly think they should depend on our federal government to make their life right.

Nothing is free. Handouts have strings attached, which usually include loss of freedoms, as GM is finding out.

If Perry keeps this up, I'll vote for him for President as well!

Athanasius Magnus said...


It may not have been apparent in my previous post, however I am extremely supportive of Governor Perry. However I am saddened by seeing that when the citizens fight against the oppression of a fast-growing government they are often threatened, silenced and, more painfully, misrepresented in history. If we live long enough to see this recorded in history I promise you that Governor Perry and others like him will be portrayed as unpatriotic and immoral.

As for your comment about slavery, you are proving the very point I was trying to make. When I compared the Confederacy to the founding fathers I was speaking of the true cause of the Civil War, which was the individual rights of states. This happens to be the very argument that Governor Perry is trying to make, which is why I fear his misrepresentation in current media and future history books. You are absolutely right in saying that slavery is immoral and unconstitutional. Please study the Civil War more carefully and realize that the government used slavery as a deterrent from the real cause of the war, which is exactly what they will do here as well.

Larinmassgirl said...


Sorry, I misread your comment. When I read it again, it was clear. I do know that slavery as the main reason for the civil war was over played in the history books. Coincidentally, I recently bought a few books about the Civil War by non-liberal historians and I can't wait to start reading them.