07 April 2009

Sleep Tight

No need to worry-- I'm sure everything is just fine.


Anonymous said...

As someone who works in this industry, you don't need internet spies to take down sizable chunks of the grid.

Anonymous said...

Power plants are fascinating places to visit. In my job, I have had occasion to spend several days at a time on the grounds of some rather large plants. Standing in the yard, you actually feel the power that is being transmitted into and out of the plant. Most plants are in pretty remote rural areas, so when you are standing there feeling this raw power, your mind and senses are confronted by a contradiction of sorts, as outside of the plant the surroundings are sparse with maybe a corn or soy field next door and an occasional house in the distance, yet the power generated there provides electricity to millions of 'customers' in the region.

We take electricity for granted in our country. We are addicted to it. In fact, it is the life source of so many secondary addictions that we don't even realize the 'power' it has over us. Addicted to TV, gambling, sports, movies, plays, concerts? You will be thrust into cold turkey rehab without electricity. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

The authorities quoted in this article sound like they are trying not to cause undue concern by the citizens (us), however I have a feeling that internally some major alarm bells have been pressed.

Meanwhile, let us all pray for our country.

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

thetimman said...

I was actually hoping people would comment and tell me how needlessly worried I was.

cmziall said...

Isn't it a given that you should know yourself by now that you don't need us to tell you that?

Remember Y2K?

All the dooom and gloom is going to be rampant these coming days and prayer is the only thing that is going to get us through that.

You know, Timman, I think you might be called to be a martyr! ;)

thetimman said...

Gee, cmziall, you are so pleasant I don't know how to respond!

I can only hope your martyrdom prediction is wrong. I would need strength beyond my natural means, obviously.

I was never on the Y2K bandwagon, btw.

TGL said...

Mark S.

Would it ruin your Holy Week if I told you I agree 100% with your comments?

Gregory Thaumaturgas said...

All I can say, is that I'm worried Obama isn't going to be a big help for us here. Maybe it's possible Burke was right... maybe Obama isn't the blessing America has been waiting for... if war should strike we may wish we had a different president/security administration.

Anonymous said...

No, not at all. :o)

My family and I were once visiting a relative at Ft. Leonardwood when a power failure struck the local towns right around 5PM. It would take too much space to write the details here, but suffice to say there was complete panic on the streets. People were rushing madly about to all of the fast food restaurants looking for food. It was eye-opening. They were actually pounding on the doors to these restaurants trying to get someone to let them in. The stores had locked the doors because without electricity they couldn't process any sales.

Power was restored within 90 minutes. Folks, we're talking 90 minutes at 'dinner' time, what happens when they 'want dinner AND their MTV'?

Mark S.
New Haven, MO