14 April 2009

Why is the Republican Party a Minority Party?

Hmmm, with lukewarm lifer Mc Cain running for president, lukewarm choicer chairman Steele, and stories like this, I wonder...

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Says Party Will Not Oppose Homosexual Marriage

BOSTON, April 8, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Republican Party of Massachusetts' newly elected Chairman told a LGTB news service recently that the party will no longer take stances on social issues like same-sex "marriage" because she is against "legislating" personal views.

In an interview with the LGTB newspaper the Bay Window, Mass. State Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour said that her priority of reinvigorating grass roots Republicans will be addressed through a party-wide focus on the economy - not prominent social issues.

"To me social issues are personal issues. Those are personal views, and we are not legislating here - at least I am not legislating anyone's personal views," said Nassour. "I have no personal agenda I'm trying to push through other than electing Republicans."

"Obviously building a strong grassroots and a farm team to get people to run for office [is important], but I think what's also important is to reach out to people who aren't part of the Republican Party right now and try to expand the party and bring new people in, and I would include the gay and lesbian community."



jane chantal said...

Sigh. It's not as if those "prominent social issues" are going to go away while we're "not focusing" on them. Ms. Nassour's desperation to broaden the party's base is, unfortunately, quite beside the point. If Americans duck the fundamental issues that are essential to a civilized society, parties will soon be quite beside the point too.

I'm reminded of the truism that all it takes for Evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting to feel like Charlie Brown always kicking the ball as Lucy pulls it away.