14 August 2009

Going All Medieval

Just because talking about healthcare takeovers is more than a little tedious, here are two excellent articles on the two most popular Catholic-bashing truncheons, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Crusades. Both by the noted medieval scholar, Thomas F. Madden.


Athanasius Magnus said...

Madden is excellent! I was fortunate to have him as a history professor at SLU for two semesters. I could literally listen to him talk for hours! He truly knows what he is talking about, and presents history in a very simple fashion. What a great defender of Catholic historical misconceptions.

Anonymous said...

Athanasius: Did you really mean to say Madden is "a great defender of Catholic historical misconceptions"? Sarah Palin is a defender of misconceptions (i.e., death panels in the health reform bill).

Perhaps you meant that he is a great corrector of the misconceptions.

Athanasius Magnus said...

Thank you, Anonymous, you are correct.