04 August 2009

News from the Oratory-- A Call for Help for the Adorers of the Royal Heart; and More Information about Summer at the Oratory

Oratory Rector Canon Michael Wiener sent out the following newsletter today:

Dear Friends of St. Francis de Sales Oratory,

Last Sunday we announced that Sister Marie of the Love of God, until now Superior of “
The Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest”, will arrive here in the second half of August to explore the possibilities of establishing a community in St. Louis. Many of you have already responded in a very positive and encouraging way, and the news is indeed exciting for all of us here at the Oratory as for all families attached to our community.

In preparation of the arrival of the Adorers we have started to refurbish the second floor of the convent: Presently two rooms are being prepared for Sister Marie together with two other rooms which will function as community and dining rooms. But this is only the beginning and much more has to be done: In the hallways and several rooms, carpets and floor coverings have to be pulled up, floors have to be finished, bathrooms have to be cleaned, and the kitchen on the first floor needs to be cleaned and refurbished. Here are some pictures of the second floor of the convent as it is now:

If you want to help us by contributing manual labor, furniture, kitchen equipment or financial support, please contact me or Mr. Wally Feld here at the Oratory (314) 771-3100.

I thank you in advance for everything you are willing and able to do to help us set up the convent for the first community of the Adorers of the Royal Heart in the United States of America.

Summer at the Oratory

Life at the Oratory is also busy with the preparations for our Summer at the Oratory festival. This year we will see new features which will emphasize the cultural character of this event even more: On Saturday and on Sunday we will be able to enjoy again the delicious barbecue the Knights of Columbus # 14067 provided already in the years prior. On Saturday the entire courtyard between church and the “1888-building” will be transformed and gain a garden and faire character. Booths/Games for children and auctions are only two examples of many new features we have to offer this year. On Sunday, the day of the External Solemnity of the feast of Saint Louis IX., King of France, the festivities around the barbecue will be complemented by organ recitals in the church. (Solemn High Mass 10am)

Here is our bulletin announcement of this week which contains concise information about the event:

On Saturday, August 22, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the courtyard between the Church and the school will be transformed into a garden setting. Activities for children (face painting, clowns, games, etc.) and adults (silent auctions) will be held, while hourly drawings will be held for “attendance prizes.” A variety of refreshments will be served, including the Knights’ famous barbecue. The music group Jazzwind will entertain in the courtyard.

On Sunday, August 23, the External Solemnity of St. Louis King of France, after the 10:00 Mass, the Knights will again be in the courtyard between the Church and the school, serving their barbecue. Organ recitals inside the Church, as well as music from Jazz Wind outside, will be performed.

In preparing for the “Summer at the Oratory” family event, you are invited to consult the blog on www.TraditionForTomorrow.com. Please mark your calendars and plan to invite your families and friends to spend an entire afternoon here. It will be a fun weekend at the Oratory and will provide you with wonderful memories of a Catholic experience.

Hope to see everyone there!

With my sincere best wishes I am,

Canon Michael Wiener
Rector, St. Francis de Sales Oratory


The annual celebration of our city's patron saint promises to be a great family event again this year.

With regard to the call for help for the Sisters, please consider responding generously, whether you have practical skills, equipment or supplies, or if you can spare a generous donation-- and whether or not you attend the Oratory. The presence of these sisters will be a blessing for our families and our faith far in excess of the sacrifices we make. God bless you.

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