21 March 2010

All Your Dora Are Belong to Us

Joining fellow comrade Sid the Science Kid, Dora the Explorer prostitutes herself for the Party's agenda:


Jane Chantal said...


I can remember when Nickelodeon was an oasis of beautiful, creative, wholesome -- and completely politics-free -- programming for kids. That all began changing around the mid-80s, when its programming suddenly started being "edgy", with aggressively body-distorting animation, gross-out "humor" and veiled sexual references. A good way to prepare the soil for the political correctness police, I guess. It has never bothered my "liberal" relatives and acquaintances that these things seem to go hand-in-hand, everywhere. They don't seem to have noticed.

just wondering said...

"we did it?" the most disturbing part of this snipet is that dora is calling the monkey her brother.