24 March 2010

Feast of St. Gabriel the Archangel

Angel of strength, friend of mankind! continue thy ministry of aiding us. We are surrounded by terrible enemies: our weakness makes them bold; come to our assistance, procure us courage. Pray for us during these days of conversion and penance. Obtain for us the knowledge of all we owe to God in consequence of that ineffable mystery of the Incarnation, of which thou wast the first witness. We have offended Him: enlighten us, that so, henceforth, we may be faithful to His teachings and examples. Raise up our thoughts to the happy abode where thou dwellest; assist us to merit the places left vacant by the fallen angels, for God has reserved them for His elect among men.

Pray, O Gabriel, for the Church militant, and defend her against the attacks of hell. The times are evil; the spirits of malice are let loose, nor can we make stand against them, unless with God's help. It is by His holy angels that He gives victory to His bride. Be thou, O strength of God! foremost in the ranks. Drive heresy back, keep schism down, foil the false wisdom of men, frustrate the policy of the world, arouse the well-minded from apathy; that over the earth He has redeemed, and that we may sing together with thee and the whole angelic choir: 'Glory be to God, peace to men!'

--Dom Prosper Gueranger


Anonymous said...

Moving this feast in the new calendar has to be one of the most boneheaded moves of all. Before, it was so obvious to have St. Gabriel the day before the Annunciation. Now...amputated feast day. Bummer. Hopefully this "reform" will be reformed sometime soon!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

I agree.
St. Gabriel needs a day of his own, before the Most Holy Annunciation.
I was privileged to offer the Extraordinary Form today with the commemoration of St. Gabriel.
He's one of my patrons; my religious title is "of the Annunciation"...and I count on his protection and intercession always. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nazareth priest, please remember me in your prayers.