28 September 2010

Enjoy Your Smartphone Here in Oceania

GPS and the Police State We Inhabit: Living in Oceania

By John W. Whitehead


X said...

If we dont allow the police to sneak onto a private driveway without a warrant and stick a GPS tag on our cars then the Terrorists have already won.

ATW said...

Well, Timman, I have a split decision on this one. When I read about the Ninth Circuit's decision on the GPS tracking it was clear they got it wrong. The Supreme Court has ruled we have an expectation of privacy in our curtilage so the agents can't sneak in and plant tracking devices without a warrant. (X has a good argument, though.)

With regard to the databases maintained by cell phone companies; disclose information to a third party and your expectation of privacy is out the window. You probably waived it when you signed the contract. Who reads those things anyway?

I wouldn't put too much stock in this "privacy thing." That's how the Dark Side legalized contraception, abortion, and sodomy. Seems to work against us.