29 September 2010

Get Ready for Global Cooling

Not a typo. 

The global elite, the wheels of whose wagons of global warming are long off their axles, now have a new medicine show to peddle.  Enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cat!


Anonymous said...

Does Uncle Al have to give back his Nobel???

James Delingpole (the author of the article) nails it in the last two paragraphs.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I am hot and sometimes I am cold. I thought it was the global warming / cooling issue but then my doctor told me it was the change

StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Anon 9/30/10 13:22,

Your comment made me realize that somewhere there must be a Gaia worshipping nun reading "she-ology" which says that the world is but a spinster woman going through "the change" and telling her diminutive male consorts to look elsewhere for pleasure.

I'm sure of it.

St. GUy