07 September 2010

Gracious Lord, I have in every way failed to live out my calling. Time and time again you offer me Thy forgiveness; time and time again I begin anew. Yet after every new beginning there is another and more knowing fall. Dearest Lord, what promise have I not broken? What sin is there that I have not done? Even my good works are all marred by pride, my good beginnings trampled under by my own sloth and worldliness.

O Lord, I am utterly powerless to perfect myself. I cannot place Thy Image in me, nor keep It there through my own devices. I cannot take one step on the road to perfection without Thine aid. Again and again I fail. Why dost Thou care for such a one as me?

Yet I know that Thou lovest me, truest Friend of my soul. There is no depth to which Thou will not stoop to aid me; there is no road too long to traverse back into Thy loving embrace. From the Cross Thy Sacred Heart beckons me, and opens the needle's eye.

Give me Thine aid, O Lord, or I shall perish! O Christ, save me from myself!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Timman. The very dialogue that I have been having recently--very timely. God bless you.