09 September 2010

I'm Not Sure How I Feel about This

The host for the website of that Florida sect that threatened to burn the Koran has taken the organization's website offline. No word in the article whether there was any government pressure on this, though news reports are circulating that the FBI has been in contact with this pastor.

For the record, I think the plan to burn the Koran is stupid and out-of-line. I agree with the Vatican release that said it was outrageous. Of course, Islam is not the true faith, but this act is simply provocative without any charity. It would be one thing if there were only one copy of such a book; then one could have a discussion about whether destroying it-- with the errors in it-- is a good thing compared to tolerating it. However, there are millions of copies in this country alone. Secondly, this is not designed to convert anyone, but rather to issue a declaration of defiance of some kind. This is not motivated by concern for the souls of those misled by that book. The pastor in question would be just as correct to burn the King James Bible, since it is not an accurate translation of the Bible and excises several inspired books. Somehow I don't think we'll see that.

All that being said, I am of the opinion that the constitution requires that free speech be allowed; every idiot should be able to voice his opinion. Hence, this blog (rim-shot!). Just as I was against the effort to prosecute Bishop Williamson for the things he said and believed, I would not single this person out.

I realize that this decision was made by a private company, and that this isn't quite the same thing. So, I point to the title of this post.

What do you think?


Jane Chantal said...

I think that the same standard should apply to all: just as it would be wrong (i.e. uncharitable and needlessly provocative) to publicly burn the Koran, it would be wrong (i.e. uncharitable and needlessly provocative) to create Cordoba House at the current proposed location.

Latinmassgirl said...

I think this is much ado about nothing! While I don't condone the stunt of Koran burning, (or burning of flags, Bibles), the pastor was doing it in protest of the in-your-face building of a 15 story mosque and recreation center at ground zero which is partially funded by Iran.

Where was the outrage from the media about the 10 Christian missionaries recently killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, or the Fort Hood massacre of 12 soldiers by a radical Muslim?

This "news" story should have been mostly ignored, just as one would ignore a Muslim burning a Bible. Not news, just an overblown snooze.

Anonymous said...

"Wherever they burn books they will
also, in the end, burn people."

Dad29 said...

Far more intriguing than a website shutdown is the FBI "visits" conducted...

Anonymous said...

"...but this act is simply provocative without any charity."

Hey, who tied up Thetiman and hijacked his blog?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are that this is no less provocative and uncharitable than the GZ mosque. I think it was clever of the preacher to tie his burn to the GZ mosque. I see our federal govt asking for charity only of the fringe Christian group, not of the Muslim group. The mosque will stand for generations, whereas this little burn, however unjust and unproductive, will be over and forgotten--except in the irrational Muslim world. I do add that I worry about the danger this puts our military in, but do we blame this guy or the irrational and violent nature in much of Islamic society?

Anonymous said...

Correct....."Hence this blog..."

Latinmassgirl, you are soooo my soul mate. Like, I confuse those pesky prepositions like "on" and "near" all the time! We are sooo alike! Don't you like get hungry when the priest begins the Mass by saying such as "Dough-many biscuits?" It's way cool, but I like so get the munchies!

Latinmassgirl said...

Dear Anonymous,

I really don't think that I have a soul mate other than my husband, so the position is already filled. (sorry)

As for the boundaries of 911. Yes, 16 acres were fenced off where the main site was -----but --- to the victim's families,"it goes through a wide swath of lower Manhattan, where debris was littered on rooftops and people's body parts were found years later." So, AT ground zero is accurate to the people whose limbs may have landed elsewhere as we view bodies as sacred.