26 September 2010

Save the Date: the Battle of the Oratories on October 17

Are you ready to Ruuuuuuuuummmbuuuuulllllllle??!!!!

Announcing the First Ever St. Lawrence Gridiron Classic

The Battle of the Oratories:

Saint Francis de Sales


Saints Gregory and Augustine

October 17, 2010

2:00 p.m.

on the field of St. Louis Priory
530 S. Mason
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Fathers and/or sons 13 & up

Sign up following Mass at either Oratory or email this blog at saintlouiscatholic[at]hotmail[dot]com


  • You can be either father or son (needn't be a matched set)
  • Due to the weakening of catechesis following Vatican II, this will be a flag or touch football game, TBD (no tackling)
  • More specific details to follow
  • At SS. Gregory and Augustine, see Alex for details, and at St. Francis de Sales, see the other (Abbe) Alex
  • Cheerleaders and responsible tailgating allowed, following Pius XII's admonition about not having too much fun with bratwurst.
BE THERE!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Who had this idea?
Sounds like SOOO much fun.
We will be there for sure.

There is also Alex Plato ----somebody could call him too!

Anonymous said...

What time?
Is that how the other oratory is gonna try to win by not telling us what time it is?

Rachel said...

That's one of the best announcements I've read in a long time. :)

Anonymous said...

Tailgating begins after the 11:00 Mass at Oratory of SS Gregory and Augustine. Game begins at 2:00. Gregory and Augustine are ready to rumble and give our traddy brethren a run for their money! BRING IT de SALES!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! : - ) !!!