07 September 2010

The St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association Presents

This video is not a spoof. Apparently the do-gooders in the government believed that cleaning your house would enable you to survive a thermo-nuclear blast. No explanation of how painting your fence defeats lethal superdoses of radiation. But, no doubt, removing your home of crucifixes, religious art and Marian shrines will make your chances even better!

h/t to LRC blog.


Anonymous said...

TV Announcer: "A nuclear missle is estimated to strike St. Louis in 15 minutes."
Mom to kid: "Hurry now! Run out and cut the grass now, Timmy, so it doesn't set the back fence on fire." I've been after Dad to paint that fence for a year but it's always, "I'll do it tomorrow". Now there won't BE a tomorrow!

A. T. Wallace said...

Who do you think Obama would appoint as Clean Up- Paint Up- Fix Up czar?

Colleen Hammond said...

When asked what he would do if he knew he was going to die within an hour, St. Francis said something along the lines of, "If I was sweeping the floor, I would continue sweeping." It's our love and devotion to our Daily Duty that matters.

Hey...it looks like you're not linking to my "new and improved" Blog. I WONDERED why I hadn't heard from you...!!! :-) It still shows my old update from 5 weeks ago... :-(