13 July 2011


Welcome to a new feature-- this blogger's Chartreuse-fueled musings. Just as Coleridge wrote Kubla Khan while under the influence of opium, so I decided to write after a well-earned glass of Chartreuse.

After driving 8 hours for 7 minutes of work, I am tired. So I was pleased to get an email from provocateur Methodist Jim asking the eternal question, "What is the opposite of the beginning of open persecution of Catholics?" He thinks the answer is
here. I think it is all an elaborate ruse designed to fool Methodists. Ha!

Next, I am truly gratified to see that not only is St. Guy defending me in the comboxes, but that he is exhibiting about twenty more IQ points than me in doing so. I don't know if you're right, St. Guy, but it sounds good. A bottle of Chartreuse is yours for the claiming.

This story has me hoping that can't-look-away-critic cdg isn't on any state's Division of Family Services payroll, or else Catholic parents would have much to fear.

A friend emailed to say that she took in her first TLM on Sunday, and liked it. Cool.

More friends are coming in town in a couple of weeks, also cool.

I was about to wax poetical on the blessings of a wonderful family when my life partner Sharon asked me what I was posting. I said, "It's called 'Chartreusings'."

She replied, "So you're toasted."

Sub tuum praesidium...


StGuyFawkes said...


Each time Dick Cavett interviewed a famous man of letters he would always pose this question:

"What do you think of the famous relation between writers and alcohol; do you ever write while drunk and do you think any such writing is ever good?"

John Cheever's response was that alcohol always ruined writing, saying "I can detect the effect of a single glass of champagne.." on the style of any passage from any writer.

Tim, as for style, you are really, really drunk. You refered to you wife as a "life partner."

That's about a bottle's worth of chartreuse talking.

St. Guy

Delena said...

Hi. About that whole "trip to St. Louis" the weekend we talked about--yeah...we're going to have to do it the NEXT weekend. Something about a church obligation we had already signed up for...

Will you be around the NEXT weekend?

You better have that chartreuse ready. I'm feeling braver this time.


Lone Star PLU said...

Tim, I think I'm going to like reading your Chartreusings! I must, of course get some proper Chartreuse glasses as you exhibit!

Rory said...

Green Chartreuse. I'm sold Tim. At $80 a liter here in the state of Washington I was afraid that it was too expensive as I have been mursing myself through my first little bottle. Now that I realize it will enable me to write my epic novel of Scotland, the price is only too reasonable.


Methodist Jim said...

What is the opposite of "in vino veritas"?

thetimman said...

$80 is steep; it's more like $50-55 here.

But, worth it at $80, imho.

Mother Crab said...

I've heard you can get Chartreuse for an even MORE reasonable price online. I will not divulge who told me that, however. ;-)

Rachel said...

Fun fact: I tried chartreuse for the first time in a convent. But I could never have drunk a whole glass of it-- that stuff is POWERFUL.

Anonymous said...

"What is the opposite of "in vino veritas"? - Methodist Jim

"in chatreuseum delerium."