08 July 2011

Funny Thing Happened to Me after Crossing the Hegelian Eads Bridge Today

I came across a sign for "[King]Lincoln/[Free]Mason City".

Coincidence? I think not!


StGuyFawkes said...

I will never, ever, EH-EH-EH-VER live down the Vickburg/Hegel thread. I was better off arguing that women in mantillas make men into better men. (That was at least a dialectic worth talking about.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, like, do you, like, think that some early strains of the, like, Valley Girl Movement, at its height in the 1980s, influenced the naming of the, like, "Popular" Street Bridge, like fer sher? Okay, okay?

Bsdouglass said...

Something is missing from the triad, the Hegelians would be gravely disappointed! Ha!

Jane Chantal said...

St. Guy,

I treasure the Vicksburg/Hegel thread, without your contribution to which I never would have encountered the phrase "intricate firespun web of pure abstractions".

Had you failed to seize the opportunity to bring Mr. Snider's eloquence to our attention -- now that would be something to never live down.



StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Jane Chantal et alios,

Thanks for having my back. Nonetheless, I'm so out of it I still can't figure the humor in the thread. (But then again, I thought the bare shoulders and bad hair thread was a big "to do" over nothing. Did it not go to like 124 comments?)

I was about to go on about how Hegel had a big influnence on Sixties radicals but that would start the whole thing all over again.

St. Guy

Anonymous said...

President Lincoln was the scourge of America and quite possibly the worst president in American history.

Anonymous said...

"President Lincoln was the scourge of America and quite possibly the worst president in American history."

a quote by George Dubbya?


Anonymous said...

no actually George Dubbya liked President Lincoln...that's how much he studied his history.