10 August 2011

As Long as We're "Safe"

Glory days-- the benevolent masters of the City of St. Louis have proudly announced the full time surveillance of a whole neighborhood.  They are proud of it!  See, we're safer now.  When will voters stand up to the total surveillance juggernaut?  Never is the likeliest answer.

photo from STLToday


Anonymous said...

We've seen how it has helped in London, eh?

Anonymous said...

Voters were very quiet when "W" Bush set up surveillance cameras at every major intersection in America under the name of "Homeland Security."

So you're suddenly up in arms now??? Helloooo?!

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the "every major intersection in America" cameras. I guess STL is just no-wheres-ville. I don't even think I saw them in DC suburbs where we lived in the early 00s and on 9-11. But we sure heard the jets overhead at night for several weeks afterward...oh, and I held my breath every time I saw a plane overhead follow the path of the Potomac as I drove home from work..

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the men who urinate in allies, against private fences, behind dumpsters, and other ally areas would think twice about doing so if they knew their actions were being recorded.

I have seen UPS men, construction workers, truck drivers, and ally walkers, to name a few stop to experience relief.