15 August 2011

Couldn't Happen in Missouri?

If you were thinking that the London riots couldn't happen in middle America, consider the following news item from Kansas City:

Plaza mayhem prompts call for change

The kind of roving, "flash-mob" activity in this story seems to be just the next step from the problem businesses and residents are having in the Loop in St. Louis.  

We have raised an amoral generation and should not be surprised when we reap the whirlwind.


Anonymous said...

The beefed-up police presence in U. City shouldn't surprise. It only seems a proportional response with arson, robbery, assault, etc. either holding their own or on the increase (ref: http://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-University-City-Missouri.html and http://www.city-data.com/city/University-City-Missouri.html).


Delena said...

Oh, Timman--don't be such a worrier! I'm sure these kids' parents bought them cell phones so they'll know where they are at all times...and who they're with...and if they're up to no good.

Don't worry, bud.

JBQ said...

I say worry since there are parallels to what is happening in both Kansas City and Philadelphia.

45ACP said...

All the more reason for the Concealed Carry law.

Anonymous said...

Careful 45ACP...

...your fear is showing.