08 August 2011

"Homeschool Help" from the City of St. Louis? Um, No Thanks.

My lovely wife tipped me off to an item in Sunday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch that offers "help" to homeschooling parents.  Since there is no link at STLToday, I will include the relevant portion of the announcement:

Birth Certificates and home-school help:

The St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds and Vital Records Registrar reminds parents of schoolchildren that the St. Louis City Hall offers Missouri Birth Certificate copy service and home-school declaration filings.

Parents who home-school children should file Home School Declarations with their County Recorder of Deeds or school district.

I hope most Missouri parents who homeschool realize that there is absolutely no requirement that you register in any form or fashion with the recorder of deeds or the school district.  The relevant Missouri statute, 167.042 RSMo., allows for optional registration.  This announcement from the City Recorder of Deeds, that parents "should" file such declarations, amounts to an encouragement to go on record with the government, exceeding the requirements of the law.  


JBQ said...

Like, wow! What a sneaky maneuver! There is "reason in the madness".

Anonymous said...

The most important freedom to protect is the freedom to be left alone. Reagan was so right that the scariest words are "I'm from the govt and I'm here to help." Don't open the door of your home to the government.

Methodist Jim said...

Timman, I found this post and some additional digging quite interesting - which surprised me. We'll leave my opinions on homeschooling and wariness about government out of this . . . you already know those quite well. My first thought was that the P-D article was not so bad. It said "should" after all, not "must." I always read "should" to mean that "we think that you ought to but you certainly don't have to." Then, I looked it up. "Should," according to Dictionary.com means, get this, "must." Hmm. Me wrong? Shocker, I know. So I checked out R.S.Mo. § 167.042. "For the purpose of minimizing unecessary investigations due to reports of truancy . . . [you] MAY provide . . . a written declaration of enrollment [in a home school]." Wow. That sure doesn't say that you "should" or "must" file anything with anybody. An editor or an author without ulterior motive and a smidgen of research could have easily written instead . . . "If you home school your kids and are worried about being bothered by a truancy investigator, you can, if you want to, file a written declaration that you're homeschooling and [hopefully] be left alone."

My suspicion is that the P-D printend a press release from some truancy investigator verbatim. The investigator's motive could as easily as planned government registration of all "unsavory" types have been laziness, since greater registration would equal less work on investigations but I said I'd leave my opinions about "Big Brother" out of this. Sorry.

And sorry for rambling and taking so much com-box space too.

Anonymous said...

Clearly dictionary.com was not written by someone who was homeschooled.