25 August 2011

"I Like the Way Snrub Thinks!" or, the End of the Anonymous Comment

I am grateful for all of you who read this blog, and I am very glad to receive and read comments in the comboxes.  In the past, I have posted requests from time to time asking that readers attached some identifier when commenting.  This makes the combox easier to follow, and encourages sensible discussion.  In other words, it is tough to address a comment to "second-to-last-anonymous"  or to "anonymous who said that thing about the one thing that the first anonymous wrote" all the time.

I understand if you don't wish to use your real name-- you don't have to.  You can comment in one of several ways:

1. A google account;

2. Another such account, via "open ID", that automatically shows your profile name;

3. Clicking on "name/url" and writing a name;

4. Clicking on "anonymous" and typing a comment, yet subscribing it with a name.

It doesn't have to be your real name, just so long as it is not offensive.  Here's an example:

Now, I have issued these requests before, but this one is different-- FROM NOW ON, COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS COMMENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.  Again, this does not prevent you from clicking "anonymous", as long as you subscribe your comment with some name.

Thanks for your understanding and for visiting this site.



Mr. Snrub said...

I like the way thetimman thinks!

StGuyFawkes said...

Thank you for this decision. I do not like the anon-o-mouses.

Jane Chantal said...

Wonderful policy change, Timman :-)

TLMer said...

Okie dokie.

Peggy R said...

I understand and had to go stricter myself as well as turn things over to "Pete" at www.soilcatholic.blogspot.com.

I don't see what you reject here, but I've found that liberal male commenters are very nasty to conservative female bloggers.

I didn't understand how the name/url option worked. Now I do.

Anonymous said...

Seems like part of the 'surveillance state' to me.

These things start small, I am told. Next thing you know, you'll be parking The Terminator on your blog to take our pictures.

Just kidding, of course! All the best with the new policy.


thetimman said...

ATW, start worrying when I require your real name. But then, that would be a tad hypocritical. :-)

Anonymous said...

It is your blog; you have every right to manage it as you wish.


45ACP said...

Good for the timman. No more chickenonimouus bloggers.

Anonymous said...


Well said.



Teak Phillips said...

Good move.

We just activated commenting on the Review site (the long delay was largely a matter of logistics) and require some sort of valid identity, too. It will make life easier for moderators and, hopefully, encourage discourse that is civil.