19 August 2011

Kudos to the St. Louis Review on Conscience Rights Coverage

The St. Louis Review has a nice collection of articles on the new contraception coverage and funding mandate in the so-called healthcare law, including articles on how it impacts existing Missouri law and how you can voice your opposition to the proposed regulations.  

I hope that many of the Catholics who voiced support for this deceptive law when it was being read and analyzed passed by Congress will do what they can to voice opposition to this mandate.


Anonymous said...

I know they don't read very much anymore unless it originates from some unconventional source, but perhaps it would be good to alert the LCWR and the Sisters behind the CHA to this.

Teak Phillips said...

Thanks, Tim. The staff worked very hard on this important issue.

We hope it opens the eyes and minds of many Catholics.


thetimman said...

You're welcome, Teak. As an aside, that photo is one of the very few of my own to appear on the blog. I really can't take pictures.

Happy Feast Day.