09 August 2011

Meatless Friday Tuesday: Look to London for Gun Control Disaster

In the UK, the government strictly controls the ability of its subjects to own firearms, so that people can be safe.  This doesn't seem to be working-- assuming that public safety is the goal, that is.

Several articles about the ongoing mob riots and murders can be found at the top of the Drudge Report, as can a story about one of the hottest-selling items on Amazon.co.uk:  American baseball bats.  Because that's all they can get.

The safety of private individuals is the last thing the gun control advocate wants.  For that matter, it is the last thing the security camera advocate wants.  And so on with other groups that want to "keep us safe".


45ACP said...

I say there old man, don't you realize that ordinary citizen has nothing to fear. Big Brother is protecting them every minute of everyday. People can get hurt with guns-they're always going off and shooting people all by themselves. No human intervention needed. As to stopping a crime that's for the police to do. Just ask the shopkeepers who been burned out.
Over in the US, Obama, Schumer, Pelosie, Boxer, the UN and the other Pro-Abortionists are doing their best to halt private ownership of guns because the want to protect lives,really, especially their own.

Anonymous said...

Catechism of the Catholic Church
2316 The production and the sale of arms affect the common good of nations and of the international community. Hence public authorities have the right and duty to regulate them. The short-term pursuit of private or collective interests cannot legitimate undertakings that promote violence and conflict among nations and compromise the international juridical order.

thetimman said...

You make a giant leap from private ownership of means of lawful self defense to promoting conflict among nations and undermining international order. That worry relates to nation states and super- and inter- national groups. That paragraph is out of context.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is gonna take my guns away from me.

Anonymous said...

The point you miss is when the public have guns the thieves and crminals have bigger guns. Do you remember the LA riots? What makes my blood boil is the urge I would have to stand up to those louts with my fists and anything. Where has the British spine gone? My own urge is to shoot them down or have the Police do it. Rubber bullets, water canon the whole lot. Then I think. Would the Police arrest me? That is the uncertainty PC creates.
Radical immigration always causes ths sort of problem. I call it the Balkanisation of the UK.However riots are a historical reality for the UK. The USA would have been a better place without slavery...or failing to repatriate to Liberia!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so the London riots would have been a lot quieter and more peaceful if guns were introduced to the mix??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I encourage all of you to get the St. Louis Blues to have a "GUN NIGHT" for the next Blues-Blackhawks game, Yankees/Sox game, or any game in Phillies turf. Sure, mix in beer and fanatacism, and surely guns will make sure there is peace. Seriously??? You're being tongue-in-cheek that guns would bring peace to the volatile situation, right?

Timman, you continue to "jump the shark" by turning off your Catholicism and Christianity and turning on your liberal politics. ("Liberal" in the sense that you believe people are free to do whatever they individually want to, versus doing what is good for the common good of all.)

Do yourself a favor, and start a separate blog site for your American beliefs, and leave bad politics out of this one! (Or at least find where the Pope or Vatican has ever, ever espoused the private ownership of guns.)


dulac90 said...

The Lord didn't seem to have a problem with the disciples "carrying".

Anonymous said...

dulac90, help me here. Where in the bible does it say that the disciples could/should carry automatic rifles with armor-piercing bullets?
The Lord I know and love was never, ever about violence. Justified anger was okay, but armed resistance? Seriously???

dulac90 said...

Who said anything about automatic rifles with armor piercing bullets? Let's consider what may have been the preferred object for personal protection in the first century. Our Lord certainly didn't object to his disciples carrying swords.

As for armed resistance, if it is to resist potentially lethal aggression? Seriously.

And who, here, has contended that guns bring peace? The point is that guns can provide protection and safety for those entrusted with the care of others.

Bsdouglass said...

Legitimate defense, anyone?