28 September 2011

Chances that Anyone Reading This Post Will Care? Zero.

Hey pal, you got any illegal nachos in there?
And to me, that is the story.

The Green Bay Packers will use TSA-style wands to search every person seeking to enter the stadium to watch a football game.  No big deal.  After all, they're not doing body-cavity searches, pat-downs, or porno-scanners, right?

It's all about keeping people safe, right?

After all, because there were exactly zero incidents of mass violence in the last fifty years at Lambeau without any body searches, it stands to reason that we should have them now.

But I guess I'm alone in thinking that the indignities to which we will submit to live our ordinary lives at least merits recognition.  If terrorists can strike Lambeau, they can strike your supermarket.  They can hit the little league game.  They could even be UNDER. YOUR. BED!

Checkpoints, searches, conformity under threat-- these are characteristics of a police state.

Enjoy the game.


Fr. Andrew said...

Timman- You, my badly golfing friend, are on a roll. You are winning new admirers to your blog amongst my FOCUS missionaries, would two more readers double or triple your numbers?


Anonymous said...

How about 1% chance? I am concerned. Arguably, it's private...oh, wait, aren't the Packers owned by the city? I recall the ownership is by residents of GB or something along those lines...[But private entities that make themselves available to the public have to meet several laws that limit many of their property and association rights.] Heck...I don't know...

I don't know whether a lawsuit would succeed. Our courts are not reliably in favor of liberty.

That said, Go Cards! Go Phillies!

The Hussar said...

Right on Pete. Anybody who has read fourth amendment (illegal search and seizure) cases over the last 24-25 years could see these types of shenanigans coming. Thanks Uncle Antonin and friends!

Anonymous said...

In so many, many ways, the terrorist have indeed won. The Bush administration's response to 9/11 was the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, with pretty much wide access to look into every aspect of your life. Yes, they can and will pry into the library books you take out, the movies you rent, where your car is at all times ...

Had Obama been president when all this came down, the right would have had a revolution. But since the right established this police state in response, there has been little concern ... until the new administration came to power and suddenly people started seeing what was going on.

P.S. When did the Atlanta Braves become the Chicago Cubs???

Anonymous said...

Anon: Atlanta wins. They are contenders. This isn't a terribly new rivalry...and I've been away for a decade...

Anonymous said...

C'mon people, this isn't about government intrusion. It's about labor unions. A little known codicil to the NFLPA's latest collective bargaining agreement requires that the players be the only ones who can have guns in the stadium.



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