06 September 2011

Cracking Down on Abortion Protesters

Because someone praying a Rosary looks scary to someone willing to kill an innocent child.  Makes them uncomfortable, I think.  Of course, it is all done under the pretext of stopping clinic "violence".


The Riopel Family said...

if it is only praying a rosary and not yelling, holding graphic pictures, or just flinging judgements left and right (since women who have abortions are the ONLY sinners)than it is ok. but who cares what i think.
the Catholic's standing in the alley behind the abortion clinic that i had gone to were the ones that i appreciated the most. when i started rcia yrs later, i remembered their peaceful and prayerful approach to the issue and so i didn't feel unwelcome in the Catholic Church.
this crap with well-intended (it hurts me to say that) people who stand at clinic doors and scream (as if that will help an already distraught woman) has got to stop! if the point is to give the pro-abortion side ammunition, than this gets that done. if the point is to save lives and change hearts, than prayerfully say the rosary in the alley and volunteer for your local rachel's vineyard.

Bsdouglass said...

I once had the amusing experience of having the cops called on myself and some fellow sidewalk counselors and the Sisters of Life. The boys in blue from Ft. Apache came up in 3 cars, a golf cart thingy, and a total of I think 7 officers.

When the officer in charge saw what was going on he looked rather upset and said "well, looks like the NYPD are the only ones causing a disturbance, let's go."