20 September 2011

A Friendly Reminder from the Management

Please remember that all posts must have a name attached to them, real or otherwise, in order to be published.  If you need help just look at the instructions above the comment box when you're posting.  Thanks!


Delena said...

That's one hot photo, Timman. That Sharon is one lucky lady.

StGuyFawkes said...


You are too lenient. If I were running this blog I'd make everyone come in for fingerprinting and Missouri Highway Patrol background checks. That's what you have to do to coach C.Y.C. basketball and that's what you should have to do here.

St. Guy

thetimman said...

Delena, too true. I think the term is blessed, as I am sure she is getting to heaven off of my part of the "mutual help and support". She learns patience, how to deal with troublesome people, how to make best use of limited financial resources, and how to see Christ in just about anyone.

St. Guy, I always pegged you for a closet freemason; now I am convinced.

StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Tim,

You contemptuously wrote, "St. Guy, I always pegged you for a closet freemason.."

You're only saying that because I knew the connection between Hegel and the Eads Bridge. You think only a eye-in-the-pyramid guy could know such things.

Actually, I kind of see your point.

St. Guy

Prekast said...

Unfortunately, LOTS of the guys (and a couple of the few women) with whom I attend college at Rolla, looked just like this guy......seriously.

So, I am (still) quite comfortable with this look. I even have the pocket protector(s)!

Mother Crab said...

You had way more hair back then.