15 September 2011

How Does U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East Square with Catholic Teaching?

I post this video by Jack Hunter, the "Southern Avenger", to provoke discussion among Catholics about the state of American foreign policy and its effect on domestic policy in light of Catholic teaching.  Any member of another faith is welcome to comment as well.  But my point here is not to get to the "how/who" of 9/11 (i.e., not to espouse or rebut any "conspiracy" theories) but rather the effects of U.S. policies around the world.  I realize that to duck the "how/who" question is to affect the policy question, but I want to limit this to one topic area.  And let's keep the discussion polite.

To me, the insightful nature of the questions posed and answers suggested in this video are as relevant today as they were 10 or 5 years ago.  Your thoughts?


Methodist Jim said...

Does American foreign policy affect world opinion? Yes. Not a radical notion in my opinion. And, also in my opinion, not much more insight in the video than that.

StGuyFawkes said...

A Marxist cliche comes in handy here. The destruction on 9/11 "didn't happen in a vacuum."

Fact: all Moslem cultures regard even the best of governments as implicitly illegitimate unless they are headed by a descendent of "The Prophet." That's the only concept of legitimacy available to the Islamic mind. Therefore an UN-redeemable separation has always existed between state and society even in the best historical periods, such as the period of the Ottoman Caliphate.

When you add to this the fact that most recent leaders of the Moslem world have been appointed toadies of the West the backed up rage of the "umah", or community of the faithful is a deep, deep abyss.

The instinctive Moslem analysis of any misfortune is to say that "this is only happening because the "umah" or community, and her government has strayed from the teachings of the prophet."

The hypothetical remedy for any problem of society or government for centuries has been the same: a closer attention to the prophet and sharia law.

The islamic theory of government, (if you can call it a theory) resembles puritan covenant theology in some respects.

Looking back, it's surprising that the crash into the towers took so long to happen.

Bsdouglass said...

Sometimes, I think Jack Hunter is an optimist. It is much more comforting to the American Pride to think that they "hate us for our freedom" and all that murder and destruction overseas keeps the DoD Welfare Machine churning out jobs, paychecks, and "patriotism." Which is why the GOP will never let Ron Paul win the nomination even if he gets 100% of the vote everywhere he goes.

The Neo-Con/Straussian nobel lie keeps this country locked in the role of the Great Satan. The most amazing, well it's not so amazing really, thing is that Obama is in lock step with the Neo-Cons on this issue (and the Left still supports him!). But, then again, the more things change the more things stay the same: Republicans Invading Sovereign Nations in Unjust Wars Based on Lies Since 1861. (C)

Anonymous said...

A seminary professor once said that "the seeds of all wars are planted on the 'peace treaty' from the previous war." Such was the case with Iraq, a loose federation of 49 states. But when the British Empire carved up the Mid-east, they cut Kuwait off from Iraq because it sat on oil and would have been Iraq's port city.

Here is a succinct summary of why the US should not have invaded Iraq, given by Dick Cheney in 1994:

Pope John Paul II was vehemently opposed to the Iraq war, trying his best to deter Bush from invading. The Pope was 100% right, moral and just.

Just curious how many of your readers would agree with the following:
That despite the fact that NONE of the hijackers was from Iraq, Iraq was the mastermind behind 9/11?
That the thousands of American deaths, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, will bring 'peace.'
That in our invasion, we found Weapons of Mass Descruction aimed and ready to kill people in the US?
That the secular Saddam, who allowed Catholic churches to flourish, and the right-wing fanatic Osama bin Laden, who was intent on setting up strict Sharia law, were friends and allies?
That the 2 million Easter-rite Catholics who are in hiding or have fled Iraq are a 'small price to pay' for our invasion?
That Iraq was the mastermind behind 9/11, not Osama bin Laden?
That while our soldiers were facing death and coffers being emptied, it was a 'great time' to redistribute America's wealth to the upper class through tax cuts?

Dick Cheney was right - Saddam needed to rule Iraq with an iron fist because there always was a chance for open civil war. The US, unfortunately, is now having to institute similar Marshall Law to keep the peace. Yet most Americans still haven't a clue what the difference is between a Shia and Sunni Muslim, and what the Baathists represent. Yet, we can condemn 1 billion Muslims as if they have a single, unified purpose??? PLEASE - educate yourself instead of believing what Fox 'News' shoves down your throats!


Anonymous said...

@ PJPII fan:


Seriously, many readers on this site would agree with you (at least tentatively), with your view on all of the statements regarding Iraq, the war there, and its causes and aftermaths. Your last contention, however, makes an assumption that is ripped from the left wing playbook in such a heavy-handed way as to be laughable.



Anonymous said...

@ Anonymouse,
Point well taken. Should have explained it a bit further - a poll was taken, and even though the majority of Americans know that WMDs were never found in Iraq after the war, there was a segment who actually thought the US did find them. And the majority of those who said the US did find WMDs said that they got their news from FOX.

I even had co-workers say that 'they found WMDs in Iraq,' to which I snarkily replied: "Really? Hurry up - Call 911! Call the CIA, the FBI, the White House, the UN, and the Pentagon IMMEDIATELY!!!" None of them found it, but somehow, a co-working couch-potato watching FOX News from St. Charles county found WMDs in Iraq, which I think is pretty amazing.