29 September 2011


Today is the great feast day of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel.  The following sequence written for this day comes from Adam of St. Victor, and can be found in Gueranger's Liturgical Year.

Let love break forth into praise; let our choir sing in presence of the heavenly citizens : our praise will be pleasing and beautiful, if the purity of our hearts be in accord therewith.

Let all praise Michael; let none deprive himself of this day's joy. O happy day! whereon the solemn victory of the holy Angels is recorded.

The old dragon is cast out, and all his hostile legions put to flight: the disturber is himself disturbed, the accuser is hurled down from the height of heaven.

Under Michael's protection, there is peace on earth, peace in heaven, praise and exultation; for he, mighty and valorous, stands for the safety of all and triumphs in the battle.

Banished from heaven, the originator of sin wanders through the air: he watches to lay his snares, and insinuates his poison; but the guardian band of Angels reduces his power to nought.

The three distinct hierarchies are ever occupied in contemplation and unending song; nor does their contemplation nor their ceaseless harmony interrupt their continual ministry.

Oh! in the heavenly city how wondrous is the charily of the three tripled choirs; they love us and defend us, and hope to see their ranks filled up by us.

As among men there are divers graces on earth, so in the heavenly reward the just will receive divers degrees of glory; other is the excellence of the sun, other that of the moon, and various the brightness of the stars: so shall be the resurrection.

Let th« old man be brought into conformity to the new, the earthly to the purity of the heavenly citizens; he is one day to be equal to them, and though not yet wholly pure, let him in hope look forward to the prize.

That we may be assisted by these blessed spirits, let us devoutly venerate them, and be untiring in our homage; sincere devotion reconciles to Ood and unites us with the Angels.

Meanwhile let us be silent as to the secrets of heaven, and lift up pure minds and spotless hands on high:

Thus may the most high senate recognise us as coheirs; and may the divine grace be praised alike by angels and men.

To our divine Head be glory, and among his members union. Amen.

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