20 September 2011

"They Can Hardly Think Straight in Arkansas"; or the Consequences of Educating Children in Industrial Batches

Thanks to Homeschool Goodies for posting this video.  Please take the time to watch this; while there are certain elements of it with which I disagree or which I think are not necessarily established, it is a very thought-provoking presentation. What I am absolutely convinced of is the inadequacy of the current institutional model of education to form children into intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy adults.


Clothilde said...

Valuable observation on the roots of modern education being from the time of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution. I certainly agree that the current system of education is worthless. Obviously, homeschooling solves a multitude of the issues he brought up. But the speaker in the video never bothered to justify his high estimation of "divergent thinking," or explain why creativity is the goal of learning (or just a necessary precursor to "the arts?") Ultimately, a society's educational system needs to be measured against that society's end to determine whether it's achieving anything worthwhile.

thetimman said...


I think his whole presentation was not captured in that video. You may have noticed, but the marker-board drawing was added later and wasn't a part of his original speech.

c.rook said...

thetimman - what do you not agree with? His presentation is very compelling.

Anonymous said...

If the author of this post had been home-schooled, there is one thing that I am absolutely convinced of: he would have had the stamina to avoid both potential dangling prepositions in the passage instead of being exhausted by the heroic efforts with which I agree in the previous sentence.


Proud SLPS PArent

evann said...

A very belated thanks for the mention, Timman!