23 September 2011

UHB Talk

Nick:  You haven't seen this?  (Stops and briefly unbuttons collar.)  Detachable collar -- not many people wear them anymore.  They look much better.  So many things which were better in the past have been abandoned for supposed convenience.

Tom:  I had no idea anyone wore those anymore.  

Nick:  It's a small thing, but symbolically important.  Our parents' generation was never interested in keeping up standards.  They wanted to be "happy", but of course the last way to be "happy" is to make it your objective in life.

Tom:  I wonder if our generation is any better than our parents'.  

Nick:  It's far worse.  Our generation is probably the worst since ... the Protestant Reformation.  It's barbaric, but a barbarism even worse than the old-fashioned kind.  Now barbarism is cloaked with all sorts of self-righteousness and moral superiority ... (Pause.)

Tom:  You're obviously talking about a lot more than detachable collars ...

Nick:  Yeah, I am.  


From Metropolitan, by Whit Stillman


Mother Crab said...

Your Friday night is way more exciting than mine.

thetimman said...


X said...

These snotnoses talk to much in these movies. After a while you just want to take a flamethrower to the lot of em. Of course they'd probably continue to prattle on inanely "about irony and stuff" even in the midst of their own immolation. Sort of like Jane Austen.

dulac90 said...

I'm with X. This exchange was one of a few bright spots in a series tiring dialogues.

I agree with Tom that I much prefer good cinematic criticism of movies like this (and its rerelease as Barcelona!) to the actual movie. I get to enjoy the best parts without suffering through the rest.


thetimman said...

In the words of Aimee Mann, I realize I'm a "freak in this world, in which everybody's willing to choose swine over pearls."

In other words, you don't know nothin'.