26 October 2011

For Catholics Interested in Economics

Two items:  The first, a commentary on the alarming statement of a Vatican commission supporting a global central bank.

Secondly, a commentary on Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Caritas in Veritate, especially on the alarming support for global government in paragraph 67.


Bartolomé de las Casas de San Luis said...

I am not concerned about the extent of the inclusiveness of the secular government because Jesus Christ is not concerned about that.

As we all know, Jesus spoke to a ruler of the world government of his era and said nothing against that form of government, but only said to him, "My kingdom (i.e., government) is not of this world." John 18:36.

The American Civil War was fought over whether there should be an all-powerful federal government that could overrule the protest of any American state or group of such states. For most Americans, that war, and some constitutional amendments that followed, settled that matter: The USA would have a "national" government that would be supreme. Yet, in the 1860s, to backers of the Confederate cause, an all-powerful Federal Government was as abhorrent as is today the idea of a World Government to some.

Isn't this all just a redux of the 1860s?

The Roman Catholic Church is a "world government" too, a world church government. That is one of the complaints of Protestants against it.

Jesus Christ was not a nationalist.

Jesus Christ was not one of the Founding Fathers of the USA.

Saint Josemaria Escriva was not an American citizen. Most canonized never set foot on American soil, or voted in any election.

The mission of Jesus Christ is the conversion and salvation of souls.

Did Jesus or his apostles ever try to directly influence the secular government, or overthrow a form of secular government, or work to preserve a form of secular government?

We All Starve (almost all) said...

Yes, a world government is such a great idea, especially for the people whom believe that our nation is not superior in any way to all the others. Now we can all starve, equally. (Except the few in power - communism anyone?)

We are not superior in any way shape or form. True, we did not murder over 20 million of our fellow countrymen as Stalin did, or 6 million Jews, including millions of Christians as Hitler did, or slaughter millions as Pol Pot did, or kill millions as Mohammed did and his Muslim followers continue to do today, or torture and execute innocent Catholics as the English did, and don't forget the communist Chinese, North Korea, Cuba where people are killed for any reason the government sees fit, including starvation. They should run our country's finance? Right.

The fact that these naive at best socialist Catholic leaders are calling for a central government run by these corrupt leaders is outrageous. We can vote out our leaders, but communist dictators do not leave until they have slaughtered people and destroyed Catholic churches - always. History, anyone?

The USA is the only country in which freedom has been consistently protected, and where a poor boy growing up in the slums can grow up to be a respected doctor, or a family fleeing persecution from communism is protected, or an immigrant can become a wealthy businessman.

Yes, we have abortion, as do other countries, but that is not forced upon these women who choose to kill their unborn, like it is in China. It is because of immorality, beginning with the birth control pill that abortion is a scourge, not because we have freedoms in our country.

All freedoms will be gone, if we have a world government and our "horrible" country will not be able to send billions of dollars in aid to many of the other (just as good as America) countries as we will be starving ourselves.

Well, then maybe not learning about American history in schools will be worthwhile as it will stop a lot of suicides when our children learn how good it used to be.

thetimman said...

Well, my own take is that one must avoid both extremes-- on the one side, thinking that the U.S. is somehow immune from criticism or scrutiny for certain immoral aspects of its public policy, and on the other side, thinking that a world government along the lines of the one coming into existence is a good thing. Of course, much can be said, and this comment, too, is a gross oversimplification.

But a secular, amoral one world government is a very dangerous thing. If it is tyrannical and hostile to religion, as it would likely be, where can one go to keep body and soul safe from it? There is no "other" jurisdiction. And it will bring in the false notion of "world peace". Why? No war anymore-- every act of violence of the one and only state is a law enforcement action. The nation-state is about the largest conglomeration of peoples I can think of that gives any hope for the possibility of the law of subsidiarity being a reality.

Yet the U.S. is not some secular vehicle of salvation either. It is not, properly understood, the "city on a hill" as Protestants believe. Though in its history there has been greater religious freedom than in other places, and greater political freedom, that does not mean it is founded on Catholic principles. And I would not just brush the "everybody has abortion" thing aside so easily. Whatever our history, any country that kills its own babies at the rate ours does (worthy of the Aztecs), allows for no-fault divorce, legalizes contraception and pornography, allows sodomy to be enshrined into law and even to pretend it can be called marriage-- any such state should not get too full of itself.

X said...

"The USA is the only country in which freedom has been consistently protected, and where a poor boy growing up in the slums can grow up to be a respected doctor, or a family fleeing persecution from communism is protected, or an immigrant can become a wealthy businessman."

Have you been, like, cryogenically frozen or maybe in a fall out shelter for the last 50-60 years? I swear I could almost hear a fife and drum.
In any case, to Bartolome, as Pericles warned, just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics won't take an interest in you!

All Starve, but X said...

Elitist X,

You do know we have a black president, who is from a divorced, single mom? Where is the oppression from the "hateful Americans"? And, yes, my family were some of those grateful immigrants who fled starvation and came to a country of freedom and they have lived the American dream. That's where I've been. Our Lady of Fatima warned about the horrors of communism, spreading it's evils, not of a free country.

I guess, one who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth can go off on our country as he is too spoiled to appreciate what a gift we have. We are given a gift and we do have a lot of responsibility to use it wisely, which will always be a struggle.

I'm not one of those trend followers who speak with my nose in the air, and inhale instead of exhale the carbon dioxide. Why don't you take up a new citizenship in another country? That would make room for all of the hopeful oppressed people who seek better lives. North Korea will be glad for another worker in their camps, although you wouldn't survive long as going from Sushi to raw rats might be a struggle.

Bsdouglass said...

The biggest problem is not the World Government but that the PCJP was too "inclusive" and refused to state that such a thing could only be non-evil if you rested it on Catholic teaching and placed it under the guidance of the Church and kicked the secularists and others out of the planning and running of it...which of course would be sooo un-democratic and like, closed minded. ;)

X said...

All Starve (aka LMG), I don't know what you're smokin but I want some of it.

Bartolomé de las Casas de San Luis said...

TheTimman is to be applauded for defending the Catholic Faith in the face of those who would seemingly distort it in the name of the philosophy of American Exceptionalism.

The Catholic Church has always taught the Exceptionalism of the Lord Jesus Christ, of His Kingdom, and of His Church, and of the Faith he delivered to the world. The U.S. Constitution does not even once mention any of these things.

Of course, someone can defend the Church and defend his country's constitution too, whether it be that of the USA, Mexico, Finland, the UK, Australia, Japan, Spain, France, Isreal, Jordan, whatever, so long as he doesn't think or say that nation-states are divine, salvific or eternal institutions.

The USA nation-state had a birth and it will one day go out of existence, and what government rules in North America afterwards may be better than the USA, or worse.

Either way, life goes on, and only the Kingdom of God is eternal. Unless I am mistaken, this is the teaching of the Catholic Church (though not other the teaching of many outspoken Conservatives in the USA).