24 October 2011

Meatless Friday, World Series Edition


Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

As frustrated as I am? All those men left on base. Craig caught trying to steal 2nd? In the 9th? Holliday can't turn in any hits after Pujols' intentional walks?

I don't know that I can watch on Wednesday.

Delena said...

Hi. I'm rooting for the Cards from KC...even though I'm a Dodger fan at heart. Sorry.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if Pujols made a deal with the devil and decided Craig should try and steal not once...but TWICE?! I know I'm only good with my sports trivia after I've had a few drinks, and I watched the game completely stone-sober. So...WHY did the hit and run occur? I need someone to explain why this happened, who called for this to happen, and anything else you think of. La Russa looked confused, I'm confused...anything? Anyone out there?

Rory said...

My wife and I were watching with the sound turned down, pulling for your guys for sake of the godsons and my sister who live out your way. I was appalled when I saw the guy try to steal on the 3 and 2 to Pujols, when they need two runs. Then he sends him again. But you guys also set a record for grounding into double plays. Upon reflection, I suspect that is why the runners were going in the 9th as well as an inning or two previously. That is a conventional tactic especially if you have a hitter who doesn't strike out a lot.

Anyway you guys shouldn't be despairing! You can't win two at home? The Series is coming back to St. Louis and as soon as you take the lead in game 6, this will all be forgotten. After that, you have home field and momentum for the deciding game.

Of all the major team sports, a manager in baseball has the least influence on the outcome. It was a question of prudence in the world of baseball, not a violation of established norms of conduct. That base gets stolen, or Pujols hits a one hopper to short and nobody says a thing. I can see why the runner was going. The players didn't get hits at the right time. It happens every night during the regular season somewhere.

thetimman said...

OK, here is how I currently understand it:

1. Pujols called the hit and run in the 7th, LaGenius called it in the 9th. Both inexcusable. On the Pujols call, I ask:

----- Why does he have that power? Am I paying him to manage?

----- Why does Oquendo relay that sign instead of ignoring it, or perhaps giving Pujols the countersign for "are you [kidd]ing me?"

----- Then Pujols (WHO CALLED THE PLAY) doesn't swing. It is a hit and run. You swing no matter what, even if it is out of the zone.

The ninth inning hit and run is asinine, doubly so after seeing what a disaster occurred in the 7th. That could have been bases loaded, nobody out, Berkman at the plate, as it turns out.

2. The third inning, where the Cards could have blown the game open, La Russa managed to demand three outs instead. Furcal leads off, single and error, and is already in scoring position with nobody out. La Genius bunts Craig (giving up first out) to bunt him to third. Why? Because Washington now must do what he may or may not have done--walk Pujols. Now the double play is in order-- and Holliday meekly complies. Best case, Pujols hits for extra bases. Worst case, Pujols walked anyway, Holliday DPs anyway, and you have a runner on third with two out and Berkman up. I like those odds.

3. Phonegate I will leave in silence, as I could explode contemplating it--even if I believe the explanation given.

Peggy IL said...

Good rehash, TM.

Talk about a meatless Monday. Where was the beef, last night? Strange about Pujols calling the H&R and very strange on phone-gate. Does Holliday have a moth in his head again? The local ESPN radio guys weren't buying phone-gate.

They should have won the WS by now. They should not have lost that game 2 in the ninth. They should have had a host of runs last night. Even with the alleged pitching confusion, they would have been fine. Can't fault the pitchers themselves, however. Carp did a great job.

Anonymous said...


I think a lot of the blame game playing in this case is kind of silly.

The Hit-and-Runs: It is inexcusable for Pujols to refrain from swinging at the first hit-and-run, whether he called it or the bench did (and judging from the televised conversation between TLR and Craig, it seems pretty clear that Pujols called it). That being said, calling the hit-and-run there is not unreasonable, although I will admit to being surprised to Pujols having the ability to call it from the plate. I am more surprised, however, that the timman is apparently a minority owner of the Cardinals?!? The second hit-and-run was not really a hit-and-run, but rather an oft-made decision to send a runner with a full count, even though there are less than two outs. Given the Cards' problems with DPs, it was a perfectly reasonable decision to make. It just turned out wrong.

The Sacrifice Bunts: Inexcusable. Just inexcusable.

The Bullpen Fiasco: While the explanation is embarassing, I kind of believe it. Blaming the "wrong" pitcher for facing Napoli, however, is failing to give Napoli and Rzepczynski credit.


Proud SLPS Parent

thetimman said...

Oh yeah? Meh to you. No tickets for you, pal.

dulac90 said...

Look on the bright side...you may now forget about Game 2!

Anonymous said...

My oh my.
If only Tony attended SSPX services, or were an Opus Dei bishop, then you'd be trying to make him manager for life!

Alas, the Rangers at least have a player that kneels while swinging his bat, so God must be on their side...

Athelstane said...

Heck, I've been advocating that since '99.

But even by Tony's standards, last night was a spectacular brain cramp.