15 October 2011

A Nice Sight: Kenrick-Glennon Seminarians at Solemn High Mass

I hit 8 o'clock Mass at the Oratory today, and instead of the usual Low Mass was treated to a Solemn High Mass with the seminarians from Kenrick-Glennon in choir.  The Oratory schola and mixed choir sang particularly beautifully.  Pretty cool.  I say it was a nice sight, but I wasn't able to get a photo of it.  The above photo is from a past post.

On more earthly matters, tomorrow is the second annual battle of the Oratories, which I think Canon Huberfeld dubbed the St. Lawrence Gridiron Classic (get it?).  Who can say who will win?  Who can say if I will imbibe any adult beverages?  Who can say if I will mooch food from unsuspecting fans?

The answers all come tomorrow, 3pm at Priory.  To whet your appetite, a repost from last Fall:

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Momofeight said...

My husband is out getting cleats right now for tomorrow. A little overzealous? Absolutely. Bring it on. The Ravens are ready. (I think.)