06 October 2011

A Question on the Road

Kum & Go


Is it a law that convenience stores have pithy, misspelled names?


Anonymous said...

1) Given your affinity for The Simpsons, no mention of Kwik-E-Mart?

2) I'd add the old school Springfield, Missouri "Git-N-Go".

Anonymous said...

"The Kum & Go name was adopted in 1975 to unify the company's array of stores under a single brand. It was a play on the phrase "come and go" using the initials of founders Krause and Gentle. Sales of Kum & Go-branded merchandise increased after Johnny Knoxville was seen wearing a Kum & Go t-shirt during a scene in the 2006 movie Jackass Number Two."

"The first Qik-n-EZ opened in 1967 by Grady and Linda Chronister.
The business today flourishes, continuing to carry its family minded
principles with a focus on quality employees and outstanding customer
service. The full-service convenience stores are home for fast, convenient
products and services at a great price. As the most recognized convenience
store brand in Central Illinois, the stores provide a family friendly
environment where you can quickly get everyday products that are easy
on your pocket book."

no comment on corporate misspellings...

Cathy D said...

I still remember from a road trip years ago: Tank n Tummy.

Meg said...

What about Wausau's, "The Store"?

No need for fancy names...