20 October 2011

Random Thought Generator: Police State Version

I saw on Drudge that Tennessee is now allowing the Brute Squad to conduct random highway "terrorist" checks.  They love it!  I feel safer already-- but only because I'm not in Tennessee. 

So, my mind reels in coming up with commentary.  I need your help.  My first thoughts stem from the following quote from the linked story:

"Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate," said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.

--So, does that mean we can 86 the airport porno scanners?

--So, that means a state has a job entitled "Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner?

--Well, if they're on the highways, maybe they're under our beds!  Help!

--The next thing to note is that the mainstream media sure loves the state takeover.

--Next up on my random thought generator is that I'm sure to get another lecture from Methodist Jim, or maybe ATW, about how I'm jumping the gun-- "It's only some posted red-light cameras; only a nonmoving violation, like a speeding ticket; only in urban areas; only at airports; oh, and bus and train stations; only a metal detector; only a refreshing techno-scanner; only a light and professional pat-down; not done to every nun, child, or disabled person; only targeting "homegrown terrorists"; er, I mean only at highway truck weigh stations.  To even consider that this would spread to random highway checks or pedestrian checks is just crazy!  Go Romney!

--Finally, what I really want to say is that this may be the last post in which I complain about our government overlords.  It could be illegal soon enough.  

But that could never happen.  They hate us for our freedoms!

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Methodist Jim said...

I understand the point that you're trying to make. And I understand the concerns that you have. Truly, I do. But, I do think that your ratcheting up of concern based on this story is overdone.

If you read the story, it says that the "Highway Patrol checked trucks with drug and bomb sniffing dogs at random inspections." Bad reporting and a little unclear, I know. Reading that sentence could make you believe that these were new random inspections . . . but they're not.

If you listen to the video version of the story, and google a few more about what actually happened in Tennessee, you'll soon realize that these "random inspections" were nothing new. They're the inspections that are already required of tractor-trailer trucks at weigh stations along interstate highways.

Tennessee and TSA are NOT pulling cars and/or trucks off the roadways for the purpose of doing terrorist checks. Rather, they are checking the trucks already pulled off for safety and weight and log book checks, and talking to them about the "see something, say something campaign" (say what you will about that, but it isn't new and isn't the issue) and using drug and bomb sniffing dogs on the exteriors of their trucks . . . which they already could do and already did do, if not as systematically or visibly.

It won't surprise you to that I believe you're overreacting to a nonevent.