05 October 2011

(Sort of) Liveblogging My Daughter's College Trip (Sort of) with Judith

Hola, friends.  I am sentenced to take my eldest daughter on a trip to scope out two potential colleges this weekend.  They are located within 50 miles of each other in the biggest state in the lower 48, if that helps you.

A sage philosopher gave me a little advice:

So, I will blog (not exactly live) over the weekend and let you know how that goes.  Traveling in a homeschool maxivan with 37 children for twenty hours round trip should really help the bonding experience.

What does Judith have to do with it?  Well, I'll tell you.  I was loaned the book "Judith's Marriage", by Bryan Houghton, and I absolutely love it.  It is a great chronicle, in the guise of a novel, of the auto-demolition of 1962-1969 and beyond.  Thus, you will be sentenced to excerpts from it over the next several days.

Bet you can't wait!


Mr. Basso said...

I would have to guess Univ. of Dallas is one of the two.

AndrewK said...

You should stop by Lindsay, TX on the way!!



Dad29 said...

One of mine is an admissions-office person at U of D. You'll like most of what you see. There are a few things (and people) which are ......challenging.

But Opus Dei is very strong there, which WILL be helpful.

BTW, if she goes there, she absolutely, positively, should join the choir--the "Collegium." Best RC sung music around!

Michael Bavlsik said...

Having just sent my oldest daughter off to college (yeah- it's 12 miles from my house and I happen to work for the university), let me warn you: enjoy the trip. Capitalize on the time together because there are no words for the shocking sadness of sitting down to dinner and staring at her empty chair when she leaves